Feedback on The Art of Wildlife Photography talk.
I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to my talk "The Art of Wildlife Photography".

I am first and foremost a wildlife photographer and throughout my life I have been fortunate to have shared experiences and worked with some very competent naturalists and photographers. They have collectively helped me and taken me on my exciting journey of exploration. Through this talk I share my experiences, explore the lessons I have learnt, the mistakes I have made and the options available to the aspiring wildlife photographer. I pay particular attention to the opportunities provided by modern digital cameras and equipment but also but also consider the importance of good field craft and observation.

I also run UK and foreign wildlife photo workshops please see the UK workshops and foreign workshops/tours sections of this website for more information
Feed back received from attendees at The Art of Wildlife Photography talk.
"I was realy pleaed to hear your talk last night. It was very informative and had the right number of images to illustrate the talk.
Some speakers drown us in images and say very little about them - not you. The information you imparted was extremely useful and the pictures really illustrated the points you were making. "
"Thank you so much for your presentation last night. I - and the others that I spoke with - loved the format with lots of information, tips and tricks supported with superb photographs. Far better than an image based presentation. One person really liked the inclusion of poor images and what needs to be done to improve them. Also you making available the content of your talk and other information is great! I've already downloded it and the gimbal review."
"I found your presentation really enjoyable and most informative. Often presentations are an endless parade of photographs of places and wildlife that I am unlikley to see in the flesh. Yesterday evening, I actually felt that I had learnt something that will improve my wildilfe photography. Thank you for that."
"I am a member of Willfield Camera Club and I thought your presentation last night was absolutely fantastic. I am quite new to photography so still learning the basics, your talk gave me so much inspiration I wish it could have gone on longer the time went too quickly. Thank you for coming to the club and giving us your valuable time. Kind regards. Yvonne" 
"Hello Bob, On behalf of our club, many thanks for an excellent presentation yesterday evening - very interesting and informative, and plenty of information for everyone to take in, and hopefully put into practice ! We shall no doubt see you again in due course. Best wishes, Mike. "
"An outstanding presentation! The recent talk (The Art of Wildlife) you gave at our club was thoroughly enjoyable and very informative. Unusually for photographers, club members were united in their praise for your efforts, with many stating it was the best presentation they have heard in a long time. Delivered in a warm and friendly manner, Bob's explanations of what to do and how to do it were clear, concise and extremely helpful. He clearly has great passion for, and a thorough understanding of, his subject. We also found the access to the "private" web pages, providing in-depth notes and other facilities, really useful. On phoning Bob the following day, to thank him for the talk, I immediately booked him for a return visit. If you are reading this with a view to booking Bob for a talk - do it, you will not regret it."
"Hello Bob, I'd like to express a huge thank you on behalf of the camera club for the lecture you gave us on Wednesday. It was extremely well received by everyone present. We thoroughly enjoyed the stories and the hands on approach with equipment etc. as well as the images and explanations. The tips and advice that you kindly gave was very helpful and we are very grateful for that also. It's so nice to see and meet someone as enthusiastic and passionate as you are and that certainly comes across in your lecture. Once again thanks for a great evening and we will hopefully see you again in the future."
Annette Keatley - Programme Secretary Lichfield Camera Club - March 2015
"Thank you for an excellent evening last night. Members thoroughly appreciated your interesting and energetic presentation with so many expert tips and beautiful images. It was an opportunity to learn so much about wild life photography and was a very special evening for us. The teaching skills were very obvious!"
Valerie Elliott - Programme Secretary Ampthill Camera Club - March 2015
"Hi Bob. On behalf of the club, may I thank you most warmly for visiting us last night and giving your excellent talk. It is not often that we receive such an informative presentation, and yours answered a great variety of questions posed by budding natural history photographers. Of course many of the techniques you explained apply to other genres of photography, so our membership was well catered for! "
Jill Pakenham - Princes Risborough Camera Club - October 2014
"Bob showed us not only his boundless enthusiasm for his subject, but his detailed understanding of what a photographer needs to know. Most importantly he was very able to put this across to us.This meant that much of what he said was relevant to anyone with a camera, regardless of the type of images you wish to take. He started with the five Ps needed, the first of which was a passion for your subject. The talk ranged through detailed analysis of composition and focusing techniques, to not only how the hardware works, but some of the better types to use. He also discussed what was cheating in wildlife photography, and what was not. The icing on the cake was that those of us in the audience did not have to remember everything, as he reserved a special page on his website. With a password we can visit and not only remind ourselves of what he said, but go into some aspects of the talk in much greater detail.
I hope you were there, because if not you missed a great night. "
John Day - Prog Secretary Swindon Photograhic Club - May 2014
"Really enjoyed the evening at Bournemouth Electric CC last night and thanks for giving us an insight into the way you work. We have always been interested in wildlife and nature, and it was interesting to see your images. We would like to visit Africa sometime in the future so to see where you're going and when will be useful. Thanks, Bob!"
Carol Wiles - Bournemouth Electric CC - April 2014
"Hi Bob,As a member of Solihull PS I was at the talk last night, can I just say I found it very informative and one of the best talks I've seen in many a long time. It was great to here about and see the techniques used and as a keen wildlife photographer myself this made the evening even more special. I have been on several workshops with other wildlife photographers in the past and look forward to booking something with you this year, keep up the good work."
Peter Jepson - Solihull Photo Soc - April 2014
"Hi Bob, I met you last night at Solihull and we spoke about beanbags! I mentioned that I like street photography and you suggested I look up Valerie Jardin - I will as soon as I finish looking and your site. Your enthusiasm and passion for photography certainly came through last night and even though I'm not a nature photographer, I was enthralled! At this point, I've only just started to look at your website, but already I can see your passion coming through - your writing is as you speak and very down to earth! Thank you for a superb presentation and widening my 'knowledge' of photography."
Glynis Harrison - Solihull Photo Soc - April 2014
"Thank you for an excellent evening. Everybody I have spoken to was very impressed."
Clive Turner - Program secretary Droitwich Spa Camera Club - Dec 2013
"Interesting talk last night - I was the physics teacher who saw you at the end. I liked your approach and you were one of the best outside speakers we have had this year if not for the last few - good pace - lots of enthusiasm and you knew your stuff - thanks."
Julian Rouse - Droitwich Spa - Dec 2013
"Really enjoyed your presentation at Droitwich and look forward to attending one of your workshops next year."
Ray Portman - Dec 2013
"Very impressed by your helpful talk at Droitwich tonight. Thank you"
Doug Chaplin - Dec 2013
"Excellent talk last night at Droitwich Bob, you shared some great tips to all of the members which I know will come in handy so thank you very much."
Dave Rawlings - Dec 2013
"Hi Bob. Your talk on wildlife photography on Monday was excellent and the presentation was second to none. Thank you very much. "
Alan Horn - Kettering Camera Club - April 2013
"Your visit and talk at the Olney Club on Wednesday evening was really interesting and informative, as was your talk on macro photography last year, after which I was able to put into practice many of the techniques you informed us about!"
Michael Clark - Olney Camera Club - April 2013
""Bob. Having attended your talk last night. You have inspired me to become a better photographer but also to think a lot more about what I am doing and the best ways to try an achieve the perfect photo. Thanks for your talk. "
Kind regards Peter Connor - Buckingham Camera Club - March 2103
"Hi Bob, I very much enjoyed your talk at Shirley Photographic Society on Thursday evening. From my point of view it was one of the best I have heard for a very long time. Thank you for all the useful information.
Jane Storer - Shirley Photographic Society - November 2012
"Brilliant presentation. I learnt more in those 2 hours than I have in a local 10 week course on photography.
Keith Tyler - Shirley Photographic Society - November 2012
"I attended your session tonight at Shirley and really enjoyed your talk. I have learned a lot - thanks."
Philip Leighton - Shirley Photographic Society - November 2012
"Great talk at Nuneaton Bird Club - lots of ideas and things to try."
David Parker - Nuneaton Bird Club - November 2012
"Great talk last night at Nuneaton Bird Group Bob. Although not many photographers present I heard many positive comments and hopefully the content has inspired others to take up the hobby. Thanks again for a thoroughly entertaining evening."
Paul Lathbury - Nuneaton Bird Group - November 2012
"Hi, Bob What a cracking session! I am sure that members at all stages in their photographic journeys learned lots, and the fact that they can check it all out again on the website can only help! What will surely go down as one of the great evenings at Swavesey CC.
I can always tell how well an evening has gone by the amount (and noise) of the discussion of it in the car on the way home - and last night no-one could stop talking about it!
Your enthusiasm for your subject really comes across and coupled with your obvious knowledge of your subject makes the whole evening so very enjoyable: thank you very much!
Thanks once again Martin "

Martin Johns - Programme Secretary Swavesey Camera Club - November 2012

"Hi Bob, My wife and I attended your talk @ Swavesey last night and really enjoyed it. You gave us a talk @ St Neots CC on macro and we wanted to hear more. We were the people talking to you about Kingfishers. We do a lot of wildlife photography, for ourselves, and I am pleased to say we ticked every box you mentioned even down to the back button focusing, so we are on the right track. I liked the 5 P's and do these without thinking. You will have to create another talk that progresses from this one and we will attend that, wherever you give it. The best thing about last night is the way that your passion about the subject comes out of you whilst you are talking and this makes for really interesting listening. Once again thank you very much."

Robin Stanbridge - Swavesey Camera Club - November 2012

"Bob. Fantastic talk tonight - I'm an enthusiastic beginner (serious hobby for a year or so) and the information was pitched at the perfect level. Thanks. John"

John Turner - Swavesey Camera Club - November 2012

"Hi Bob, Thanks for the talk at Swavesey CC this evening - very informative and entertaining and particularly pleasing to see and hear a fellow wildlife photographer with whom I share similar opinions and philosophies about so many aspects of wildlife photography - such as knowing your subject, having patience, learning fieldcraft techniques and, in particular, being honest about the use of captive or controlled subjects."

Jeff Harrison ( - Swavesey Camera Club
November 2012

"As a novice, I took many points away from your talk last night at the Rushcliffe Photographic Society. You pitched at a level I could follow, and inspired me to 'have a go' at a subject I expected was way beyond my experience level.
Lolly sticks in the garden for me."

Pete Stoves - September 2012

"A truly inspirational and enjoyable evening listening to your excellent presentation. Thank you so much. I learnt a lot and can't wait to put some of the things you taught into practice. It was wonderful seeing your genuine passion and love of Wildlife Photography."

Debbie Ram - Watford Camera Club - September 15th 2012

"Bob brought this new talk, “The Art of Wildlife Photography”, to us on Wednesday and what a spectacular evening it proved to be.
Our particular evening included many tips and techniques (back button focus and exposure anyone?) that have wider photographic application than wildlife alone. Bob also brought along a whole arsenal of gear including tripods, monopods, heads (pistol grips, ball and gimbal), lenses, clothing and Harry Potter Invisibility Cloaks – alright, camouļ¬‚age netsack thingies – and a portable sofa! There is no need to dwell on Bobs’ passion and enthusiasm, it was obvious and increasingly contagious. As promised Bob wrapped up the evening with further invitations to the various workshops he runs and spoke of the contents of his website and a private area which all members of Leighton buzzard just have to visit."

Dave Cromack - Leighton Buzzard Camera Club - September 19th 2012

"Extremely interesting and inspiring evening at Watford Camera Club !"

Alicja O'Sullivan - September 15th 2012

"I would like to thankyou for a great evening at Watford Camera Club. The evening not only provided an insight to how you approach photography but also gave an added dimension by providing us with technical tips that I believe were pitched at an understandable level."

Karen Reilly - September 15th 2012

"Extremely interesting and inspiring evening at Watford Camera Club !"

Alicja O'Sullivan - September 15th 2012

"I was at the Watford meeting last night and thoroughly enjoyed the evening; it was one of the best we've had in the twelve or so years I've been a member. I like the way you lectured but didn't get too serious or talk down to us. I really did learn some useful things (particularly the back focus button. I knew it was there but I've always ignored it but I realise now there have been occasions where it would have saved me some agro). Thank you very much for coming.

Barry Saunders - September 14th 2012

"Hiya Bob, I wanted to "Thank You" for attending Watford Camera Club last night (13th Sept. 2012) to give us a "Wildlife talk". I personally felt it was so much more than a talk, the display of equipment was fabulous for all our members to see that have no experience or prior knowledge of what is required to be a Wildlife Photographer, a real eye opener for them! Your presentation was light hearted, fun and very informative in camera technique, equipment and most importantly for me the photographer's thought process, execution and desire for capturing the right image, brilliant.
So thank you so very much indeed from all of us at Watford Camera Club and we would welcome you back anytime..."

Steve Bockling - Club President - September 14th 2012

"Bob I thoroughly enjoyed last nights talk. Wildlife is my favourite subject and I found many helpful tips. Thank you."

Pam Gowans

"I have just booked on your raptor workshop and will be a regular attender at others as you launch them. Let me know about the wolves one please. Members stayed behind for longer than I can remember last night discussing your talk. I will definitely be inviting you back for next year’s programme. You make my job as programme secretary easy - so many pleased members"

Brilliant and thanks so much, Keith Taylor

“Bob just a quick thank you. We got what we so seldom get last night, someone prepared to tell us how they do it not just show us pictures. Your pictures were great too ! I am inspired”

Caroline Weedon

“Bob as with all other talks you have given to our club this was exceptional. We have grown so used to the extremely high quality of your talks that I look forward to your visits every year. They are ringed in the diary as soon as our programme is published ! I have been a keen wildlife photographer myself for many years but leant so much that was new and valuable last night. As always your practical down to earth approach was really welcome. Thanks so much again – when are you visiting us next  !”
John Newth
“Thanks Bob another truly fantastic evening last night. So much practical information delivered with a real passion oh and some excellent photos to boot.”

Arthur Bedford

“Wildlife is something I have always wanted to photograph but never know where to start. It always seems so complicated not to mention expensive. You did show us some expensive kit last night but also cheaper options plus how to do it which is so much more important. Thanks also for the recommendation on hiring lenses I shall certainly look into that before I fly to Canada. Do let me know when you publish those photos of Harvest Mice they were fantastic.”

Janet Green

“First rate a brilliant evening, the best for a long time. I have told our programme secretary to book you again soon ! Macro next time please”

Charlotte Heath

Hi Bob, Just wanted to congratulate on last night's club session. I really enjoyed it - your shots were great and the presentation really professional.
Thanks a lot - it must have taken you ages to put it together."

Ali Goacher

"Bob, Thanks so very much for your presentation last night. It is so refreshing to find someone who is so willing to share information and to leave it behind for us afterwards was the icing on the cake. Your delivery was perfect, I too am a teacher and could tell you had been, I loved your photos especially the African ones. I have promised myself a trip out there one day and will certainly come back to you when I am ready."

Thanks Margaret Benton

"Bob can I please thank you so much for the absolutely fantastic evening you gave us last night. I am a lifelong wildlife photographer but learnt so much new information as well as finding it useful to put my thoughts into some sort of order. Your explanations, hints and tips were spot on. Thanks very much. I will be badgering our programme secretary to get you back soon and will certainly be looking at your workshops.!"

Kind regards. George Jennings

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