As a photographer I am always interested in what people think of my work.
Much of what I have learnt has come from listening to others and what they think of what I have done so far and then using their comments to improve and develop further.
I am very interested to receive your feedback on my work and my style please take a moment to let me know what you think and if you have a website with some of your work please do share it with me.
The following are examples of feedback people have left.
Feedback on specific workshops, tours or talks can to be found against the descriptions of these events.
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Older feedback

  Pre 2012
     Testimonials from people who have been on foreign trips

More recent feedback

"I had a wonderful day at Icarus Falconry. Being so close to the birds was amazing. You explained things in plain English and made it easy to understand although there was a lot of information to take in. I was glad of your help during the day which enabled me to get the shots in focus and sharp! All I need now is your explanation about the scenarios written down so I can u se it again for reference. Thank you for a brilliant day."
"My expectations were exceeded in terms of the number of different animals - and birds - available for us to photograph but particularly impressive was the access we had to them and the proximity allowed - without fences between us and our subjects. An excellently designed facility to allow access for the photographer."
"I was hoping to get into the enclosures with the mammals, so where we could do this my expectations were more than met.  Thank you for your encouragement and tuition - you couldn't do enough to make our day enjoyable.."
"The workshop gave me the excellent opportunity to build on the knowledge that I gained during the last BOP workshop and get some additional great photos. Test my new camera with these birds and see if the new lens / camera combo helps and especially the information re ISO settings."
" My expectations - An opportunity to photograph a variety of birds on location with professional advice.
This was fully met. The variety of birds exceeded expectations as did the thought that went in to providing situations to get the best photographs. Tom was excellent, working to get the birds into position and giving us as long as possible with each bird.
Tuition was at the right level with lots of useful tips which will improve my technique and understanding of photographing birds in the wild. The group was a good size and could have handled two or three more people.The locations were well thought out and although I expected more walking, it did mean we didn't waste time between shoots."
"The day met and exceeded my expectations, the settings and how well the mice were trained to climb the props was exceptional. Also the informative way that you put over the best ways of capturing the images and technical aspects was easily understood and benefited the quality of images achieved.
You have a very easy going approach at the same time ensuring we got the best from the workshop."
"Well to be honest I thought it would be harder as I thought the mice would be darting everywhere but with Bob’s knowledge it was a wonderful experience. Bob is such a good helpful person, I came away not only having a great time with the harvest mice but with a lot more knowledge of my camera, I would recommend these workshops to any one."
"I knew there would be far more advanced photographers than myself on the day. However, the individual teaching during the day was tailored to my ability and equipment capabilities. I achieved more than expected on the day and would love to do the day again in the future. "
"I was the only attendee for this workshop and it was tremendous to have Bob's undivided attention for the session. He was very accommodating and had prepared a number of different 'props' for the mice to climb. I have some lovely photos and learnt a lot too- and not just about photographing the mice as Bob was very willing to explain other aspects of my camera and of the other kit I had brought along."
"Hello Bob, On behalf of our club, many thanks for an excellent presentation yesterday evening - very interesting and informative, and plenty of information for everyone to take in, and hopefully put into practice ! We shall no doubt see you again in due course. Best wishes, Mike. "
"We always look forward to a visit from Bob as his talks are delivered with great knowledge, passion and enthusiasm - and his presentation "Tanzania - A Photographer's Paradise" did not disappoint. Presented as a 'virtual tour' Bob's knowledge of the subject shone through and his images were outstanding. Thank-you for an excellent evening."
"This is the first wildlife workshop I have attended and I must say I probably chose one of the best first. I consider myself in full control of my camera and didn't ask Bob too many questions on settings etc. However, listening to him speak to others I would say that you would be in very safe and very experienced hands if you did need advise or help. I can not praise this workshop and Bob highly enough, all the things that expected from the day where fully met and I would recommend this to any photographer whatever your level of experience. There was no need to improve anything for me, fantastic day and very happy to have spent time with you. Thank you."
"I really wanted to gain some understanding of wolves and get a few really good pictures which I certainly managed. I was not expecting to be as close as we were to the wolves, and I have many more photos than anticipated. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and for once don't 'care' if I have good pictures or not because I enjoyed the wolves so much."
"I wanted to learn more about camera settings and get closer to wildlife with exclusive photo opportunities. And cretainl;y managed that. I always felt I could ask questions and would get individual attention. When I first got there and saw the more advanced equipment other group members had I wondered if my limited knowledge and lenses would be adequate. However with guidance and tutoring my images exceeded my expectations beyond doubt. "
"I am very pleased with how much more I have learned. I hoped to move my skills forward from last year when I went on the course for the first time and I feel that the photos I took this year reflect the improvement. I was able to take on board more of what Bob explained and so build on what I'd learned last year. I am pleased that I have fewer specimen shots and more that show some thought about composition. I had a great weekend - I don't think I'd change any of it."
"My expectations were to have the opportunity to photograph harvest mice but I got far more out of it than that. It certainly exceeded my expectations. Thank you. A thoroughly enjoyable and educational workshop. I learnt so much more about general photography as well as instructions on taking some great harvest mice photographs. Would definitely recommend and I'd love to do more of the workshops."
"This course went beyond my expectations. In addition to the opportunity to photograph the delightful and entertaining mice, Bob is so very knowledgeable and is happy to share that knowledge with you. I was surprised at how small and fast the mice were, and even in daylight it was necessary to push the ISO up high (whilst they were moving). His suggested settings, and his encouragement of trying out new techniques were very much appreciated. I had a great afternoon, where I learned lots and got some great shots of the mice. "
"Have just spent a fantastic afternoon with Bob, photographing Harvest Mice. He is such a knowledgeable and pleasant chap. Gave advice on camera techniques etc as well as information on the beautiful mice. Highly recommend him."
"We had a great day, many opportunities to take photos of the birds in natural settings. Loved the fact we did the static birds in the morning and had the opportunity to photography others flying. Loved the venue and the Falconers were great. Many thanks for your assistance. Helen & Charles"
"I wasn't sure what to expect, but hoped to get some decent shots of the animals in natural looking surroundings. The shots I came away with greatly exceeded my expectations, helped greatly by plenty of constructive advice and tips from Bob. It was an unforgettable experience with a lovely group of people, and I loved it!"
"My expectations were to learn about how to photograph dragonflies in the field. I wanted to improve my photographic techniques and learn more about dragonflies and damselflies. Both aspects were met. It was brilliant having individual advice from Bob as well as lots of helpful tips and information within the group conversations. Bob's way of explaining things was great, explaining the science behind his teaching suddenly made it make sense! I have techniques to master at home whi ch is great and exciting!. It was also fantastic to have the expertise of Gerry to teach us all about all the dragonflies we saw and he was amazing with his knowledge. What an excellent day, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot, altogether brilliant, thank you."
"My expectations were to hopefully see wildlife and get some good photos, whilst also enjoying a holiday. These were completely exceeded, we had amazing wildlife sightings, whilst also having a really enjoyable time. Bob is always very engaging and excellent at bringing a group of strangers together, and making it very enjoyable. The park was beautiful and such a privilege to see animals behaving naturally with such ease."
"I expected it to be a workshop heavily biased towards maximising our time with the animals with only minimal guidance on best practice or when asked for. And it was great...loads of time with beautiful healthy animals in tip top enclosures, with great hospitality from yourself and Megan the keeper...and too many photos to process. Fantastic day. Objectives and expectations satisfied fully. "
"I booked the course to improve my photography knowledge, and I am pleased to say, that this is the best photography workshop I have attended. I was very impressed with Bob's Photography and wildlife knowledge and the ease with which it was explained. Bob was always available to assist with any help or questions and advice on composition. Very pleased with the photographs, I captured a memorable day . "
"A really positive and informative workshop. My expectations of the two days were met, the variety of animals were great as were the settings which were natural and realistic. I loved the course and learnt a lot from Bob. I was certainly one of the less experienced photographers on the course but this didn't matter at all, I really appreciated the advice on best lens for particular circumstances, ISO, shutter speed etc. I absolutely love many of my photographs and know that I could not have taken these without the support readily offered. Additionally I now have a good idea of where I need to focus my spending to improve my photography kit."
"A really positive and informative workshop. Just the right amount of introductory chatter, balanced with practice shooting and opportunity to photograph the animals. Bob was very enthusiastic and passionate about the mice and the photography. A small group (only 2 of us that afternoon) allowed plenty of time for questions, some 1-to-1 working and the day flew past. I came away with some great shots, new techniques and much more confidence than I thought I would. I would definitely recommend this course and wouldn't hesitate to book another."
"I was looking forward to gaining confidence to move away from auto and this workshop enabled me to gain sufficient knowledge to do this and to start to play with settings to achieve different styles. Advice and guidance were provided with clarity and humour. Bob has the knack of taking a random group of strangers and quickly getting them to be ease with each other. This workshop was an excellent blend of classroom "instruction / knowledge sharing" and practical application. Venue was stunning. The staff/volunteers at the Centre were friendly and knowledgeable and really made the afternoon session work. "
"The settings and the day far exceeded my expectations - being able to take photos in natural environments was awesome and Holdenby is such a great location. The tuition was perfect and has given me lots to practise with. Couldnt fault the day in anyway - it was perfect!"
"This was the third time I have attended this workshop and each time I have learnt something new. As a host, Bob is absolutely first class and is always great company. The attention given to both photographers was exemplary and fit for purpose. It is always good to learn things about Harvest Mice and Bob's knowledge of them is second to none. Bob's in depth knowledge of cameras and lenses really sets him apart from other workshop leaders I have met and this knowledge really helps when setting up the camera for the day."
"The small group was great, as this meant lots of photo opportunities and also lots of 1-2-1 advice when needed. I learnt some new things about my camera settings and confidence to take more wildlife photos in the future. Bob is a great teacher and was very helpful, I would definately reccomend this workshop and everyone will love the tiny harvest mice!"
"I would like to thank you on behalf of the Committee and the members of Highworth Camera Club for your informative and entertaining talk tonight. There was definitely something for our more experienced members and for our quite recent influx of newbies. At coffee they were telling me how great it was to finally learn something about their cameras!. Your passion and enthusiasm both of your subject and wish to share your knowledge shone tonight.
If you would send me the links I will ensure they get emailed to all the members in my Newsletter next week. Many thanks once again. Claire Anello "
"This was an experience not to be missed and I had a superb day which more than met my expectations. Bob, you were really helpful setting up my camera and pointing out where to stand, sit, walk to try to get the best shots. I also welcomed the advice on composition etc. My hope, rather than expectation, was that I would get close enough to wolves to get some photographs for my memory bank and to learn something - these expectations were more than met.
Your friendly, humorous style made us all feel welcome and united us as a group. Sharing knowledge, spaces to get the "right shot" and helpful tips on composition etc. was extremely helpful to me. The staff and volunteers at the centre were welcoming and helpful and obviously have an enormous respect for the wolves in their care. "
"Bob,this was my 4th visit to your workshop and once again I have come away with a little more knowledge on how to photograph these fantastic birds. You and your team put together a fantastic day,both yourself and the falconers gave us a great deal of knowledge in not only photography but the birds themselves.
I will be returning again. Thanks to you and your team. "
"I had a fab day and know more about my camera with you in one morning than in three years at my camera club."
"Wow what a day couldnt thank you enough for the opportunity to photograph these wonderful little creatures. From the initial history through to the tips and tricks and even borrowing the L lens I couldnt compliment enough. Started to go through the 780 photos last night - these little mice are a challenge and a great way to improve your macro skills. So much so I will definitely be returning in the autumn!"
"Bob Brind-Surch’s talk on Monday 04.04 was inspiring, entertaining, educational and of course included stunning wildlife photography! Members agreed it was one of the best talks we’ve had, and whilst we may not all want to stand chest deep in rivers, or covered in snow up mountains to capture that elusive shot, it was fascinating to see Bob’s results from when he had! "
"Last night was as usual for me the best meeting of the year your professionalism and delivery are second to none thank you again for a really enjoyable evening"
"Very much enjoyed your talk last night at the Kettering club, thank you! Your thoughts on Photoshop etc. were very enlightening. We have some members who change so much in their photos that I sometimes wonder why they bothered to take them in the first place! Good to hear that you're of the less is better than more mindset. Beautiful photos and a really interesting evening."
"Good morning Bob, thank you so much for your wonderful talk last night at KDPS, thoroughly enjoyed it! What came across to me in all of your photos was how natural they all looked, I absolutely loved each and every one of them, I was particularly in awe of the Sea Eagle photos, oh how I would love to have a photo like that in my collection, one day maybe!!Thank you for also bringing to our attention the terrible things that are happening to the lovely animals in Africa in the name of "Hunting" I had no idea people actually paid to do this, as an animal lover I find this totally unacceptable, shocking. Sorry if I'm waffling, thanks once again and I hope we will see you back at KDPS again soon. "
"I had a great day and my expectations were fully met and I picked up a few tips.
I was made to feel very welcome when I arrived and offered refreshments. The preliminary talk was useful with advice on which lenses to use and it was good to learn about the mice and their habitat. Altogether, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would certainly recommend it to others. Thanks Bob "
"As always Bob provided good photo opportunities with tutoring as and when I needed it regarding questions on settings etc. I really enjoyed the fact that Bob concentrated on the people paying for the workshop. I as never overlooked because Bob was busy with a camera or anything like that which I know for a fact is different with other photographers. "
"Once again a brilliant productive day with Bob. The staff and facilities at the British Wildlife Centre could not be better. I managed to get some great images without fences or bars. As usual Bob advised and helped me with my shots and as always I went home having learnt something new."
"Hello Bob, Very many thanks for an excellent presentation last night - no excuse for anyone not producing some superb macro shots now ! It was a very interesting and informative talk, and I am sure it will inspire a lot of us to have a go at macro, even if some have not really tried it before. It is a very interesting and challenging subject. We really enjoyed the evening, and wish you an enjoyable and succesful forthcoming trip. Best wishes, Mike Saywood. "