Big Cats of the Massai Mara

March 2013 - Guests Photos

If you are considering a trip to Arica, either your first photo safari or a return trip take a look at these galleries of guests’ photos and you will understand what can be achieved on a trip specially run for photographers.
Not all such trips are the same. On this one I take no more than 8 people with only 4 per specially adapted completely open sided landcruiser thus giving everyone ample opportunities for superb photographs. Read the guests testimonials to understand the difference. 

This is a very popular trip and a true introduction to Africa. Staying at Kicheche Mara Camp, a classic luxury tented camp hidden in a beautiful acacia valley, guests are treated to fantastic hospitality and superb photo opportunities. Located in a prime wildlife area, in a private conservancy, game viewing starts frequently in the camp itself. Being a private conservancy gives unique opportunities to photograph the animals without the hindrance of lots of other competing vehicles and photographers which are so often found in other areas.

These are just a few of the photos guests took on my 2014 trip. Each are grouped by guest who has written a brief note about themselves and their experiences. Some have included contact details in case you wish to contact them to buy what are true masterpieces. Take a while to browse and enjoy their work. Select an individual photographer to view their galleries. Clicking on a thumbnail will display their picture in great detail.

This is a superb collection of photos. If you enjoy a particular photographers work and they have left their contact details, please tell them!

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Barry Boswell

I started taking photography seriously about 6 years ago and got hooked on wildlife photography - especially birds. I try my hand at other genres occasionally, but wildlife remains a firm favourite.
Barry's Gallery

Diana Gamble

I have travelled with Bob to Africa twice, once in 2011 to Southern Tanzanian to the stunning camps in the Selous and Ruaha regions and this time to Kicheche Mara in Kenya. I feel very priveledged to have been to each however it just means I am hungry for more and quite understand why people keep on going back. I too am hooked on Afica.
Diana's Gallery

Dave Cromack

It's not without a gulp that you sign up for a photo safari and ahead of the trip I was looking at it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now I'm looking at it as my first trip to Africa... There's a spiritual aspect to a photo safari that doesn't get much of a mention. Sure you get some fantastic pictures but its the way life and how the day can change so dramatically that got to me. One minute you're jousting or munching on some grass, the next moment all hell breaks out as a predator descends. I know it's nature and all that and we get to see predation daily on TV but to see it close up is just something else. And to see and hear how the Maasai exist in this world was pretty amazing as well. Also need to mention the excellent facilities and fine like minded travelling companions as well, would recommend it for anyone, fantastic adventure.
Dave's Gallery

John Dawson

I became hooked on wildlife photography around nine years ago following a workshosp at Santago Big Cats in Hertfordshire UK followed by trips to the Kruger, Kenya and Tanzania. I enjoy observing the wildlife behaviour as well as the challenge of the photography.
John's Gallery

Linda Wilson

I took up photography as a hobby after my retirement in 2011 and met Bob through my local camera club when he came to us as a visiting speaker. I have always been a great fan of TV programmes about the natural world and, when I learned Bob was offering a photographic safari to the Mara, I was determined to secure one of the places. I had high expectations about what I might see, but the trip exceeded even my wildest hopes. The amount and variety of game was tremendous, the expertise of the drivers to get us into the right position to take magnificent shots, the camaraderie of the group and the quality of accommodation and service we received at the camp all contributed to making this just the most incredible experience.
Linda's Gallery

Sue and Brian Trout

2010 was our first visit to Africa, and like Bob says, having been once it gets under your skin. Our first trip was an organised Safari in Northern Tanzania, and after an allotted period of time, you were moved on, irrespective of whether there was any action taking place or not. I felt there must be a better way of seeing and photographing the African Wildlife, and came across Bob’s website.
Sue says:
I went on the Kenyan Safari having no great expectations principally so that I wouldn't come back disappointed. I could have had expectations galore, and have returned to England with every one of them met and more. The holiday was made even more special by the other members of the group. We all seemed to 'gel' well together and had a fantastic time. Whilst I felt that I was pretty 'au fait' with the use of my camera equipment, I found that the little snippets of advice Bob provided invaluable.
Brian says:
I really wanted to see crocodiles in their natural environment, and this ambition was fulfilled.  Looking forward to seeing more next year.  I loved the whole experience, and would recommend one of these trips to anyone interested in wildlife and photography.
The whole experience was such a success that we have signed up again for next year and look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones.
Sue and Brian's Gallery


Flick'r Gallery

A number of guests on the 2013 trip built a flick'r gallery - their pictures can be seen here