East African Experience

I am passionate about East Africa and it wildlife especially the big cats but this massive region also has many other very different, exciting, challenging and varied opportunities for wildlife photography. In addition to my own photographic excursions I lead trips for fellow photographers wanting to spend time with their cameras in these iconic locations and to learn a little more of the wildlife, customs and how to capture those special images. I have recently formed a partnership with a long established UK safari company and am now offering specialist Wildlife Photographic Safaris to various locations.
Many images have been captured by photographers of all levels of experience and many hours of excellent video aired on the popular television channels. I have tried here to showcase some of my favourite images and in common with the rest of my work tried to convey the back story behind each photo.
I hope that my images will succeed in whetting your appetite for this amazing area. If you want to know more about the less well known places to visit or to join me on a trip please do get in contact.
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The Cats
I am particularly fond of the big cats of East Africa and never tire of photographing them especially the elusive Leopard and the graceful Cheetah.
East Africa also has some other 'not so big' cats and whilst these are very elusive I have included some photos of two different species.

Elephants are universally recognised and whilst there is a separate species in India are associated by most people with Africa.

They make fascinating subjects to photograph especially when with calves.



The African continent has over 2,050 bird species recorded, two thirds of which are found nowhere else. Over 1,500 species are found in East Africa from the massive flightless Ostrich to the tiny Sunbirds they are all fascinating and each provide the wildlife photographer with a very different challenge.

Other Mammal species

East Africa has a wealth of mammal species quite apart from the Cats and Elephants I have singled out above.

Whilst I especially enjoy photographing the iconic big cats other well known and less well known species add to the rich wildlife experience which is Africa.

  Southern Tanzanian species

Safaris in Southern Tanzania offer the true bush wilderness experience with some of the purest remaining tracts of unspoilt game viewing left in Africa.  I run safari trips to two very special locations there every year. These are a selection of photos from just one trip.

You can find out more about my trips here.


Other Images of East Africa - Coming Soon

The scenery of this area is as rich as it is varied. Whilst I don't confess to being a landscape photographer you simply can't visit the area with a camera without attempting to capture just some of it.