Macro Photography
Macro work has held a fascination for me from my earliest days as a nature photographer. Shooting macro provides a means not just of recording details but also conveying this beauty and fascination to other people by opening their eyes to details that would otherwise pass unnoticed.
There are many areas of wildlife photography which provide excellent opportunities for Macro work. The galleries below are but some of them.
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 Female Common Darter
Dragon and Damsel flies
Dragon and Damsel Flies are a true sign of summer in the British country side. Like butterflies they are a really interesting challenge to photograph as they move very fast and have excellent eye sight.


Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants are a fascinating subject to photograph. They have a macabre life style which seems the stuff of science fiction but are in life so small that they demand a macro approach. Getting up close and personal to these plants reveals their true beauty.

This is but a small selection of my work with these plants please see the seperate gallery for a wider range.


Other macro work

To me macro is all about showcasing something that would’t ordinarily be seen and experimenting to capture it as an image with all the challenges that brings e.g. minimal depth of field, sharpness of focus, lighting etc. These are some instances where I have done that experimented to try to capture an image would normally be seen.