I send out the occasional newsletter to keep people in touch with what is happening at Natures Photos. These will include reports on trips, new workshops, tours and talks as well things I have been doing, photos I have taken and projects I am working on.

I have been a keen naturalist from a very young age and a photographer from my late teens. There is always so much to learn about in both the natural world and in photography and I have always been keen to both experiment and observe. Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have shared experiences and worked with some very competent naturalists and photographers. They have collectively helped me enormously and taken me on my exciting journey of exploration and I consider it a privilege to share with others the lessons I have learnt and experiences I have gained. I will therefore try to include occasional reviews of photographic equipment or software as well as developing thoughts and understanding of wildlife ecology and behavior that interests me and that I feel might be of interest to a wider wildlife photography audience.  

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I have had such a busy summer that I haven’t produced a newsletter since the Spring for which I apologise but I have tried to make this bumper edition interesting to make up for it. I will work hard to produce briefer and more regular copies in the new year as I know how much they are appreciated from the feedback I receive. I am also looking to include more articles on wildlife photography techniques and ideas as well as news on what I am up to again because that what has been asked for.
This edition includes:
  • My thoughts on what constitutes “being prepared” when out shooting wildlife written in response to a question I was asked at a camera club

  • Early announcement of an exciting new trip to Bavaria to photograph some of Europe’s more endangered mammals

  • Announcement of two new photo workshops

  • A guests perspective on a 2 day workshop at the specialist centre I use in Devon for wildlife photography, the one used by the BBC for the recent burrowers series

  • Introduction to some new photo galleries on my website

  • Announcement of a new camera club talk 

  • Early announcement of a new workshop specially for beginners to wildlife photography

A British Wildlife Photography Workshop special with a first-hand report from someone who has recently attended one of these very popular native wildlife workshops.
A discussion on what focal length lens is best for wildlife photography born out a recent experience photographing robins in the snow and a report on my two latest African Safaris.
Prices of future African safaris and dates of all UK workshops are also included.
Special announcements of bargain prices on African photo safaris as well as reports on my camera club talks and details of workshops including a number of new ones.
As a result of a direct request I have also included photos and guests feedback against each workshop. Another new feature of this newsletter is a guest's perspective on a workshop, in this case the specialist raptor workshop. I will include more of these in future newsletters
Reports on camera club talks and details of two new ones.

Details of new workshops including exciting 2 day workshop in specialist British Wildlife centre in Devon and unique Wolves workshop in Berkshire.

Update on current projects.

Report on Southern Tanzanian trip, news of new and future UK workshops, updates on camera club talks and news on projects I am working on.