British Wildlife Workshop (Surrey)
24th March 2020
Cancelled due to Corona Virus
28th April 2020
Cancelled due to Corona Virus
11th June 2020 (Special Golden Hour Session)
Cancelled due to Corona Virus
2nd July 2020 (Special Golden Hour Session)
Fully booked
8th September 2020
Spaces available
29th September 2020
Spaces available
14th October 2020
Spaces available
Further dates to be announced
Other dates or group bookings available on request please e-mail to enquire.
Workshop Synopsis
This amazing location offers fantastic opportunities for photographing British wildlife. The centre has been especially created with large enclosures designed specifically with photographers in mind. Some of the major TV channels including the BBC use this venue regularly.
The centre is normally open to the public only on bank holidays and at weekends, and then only provides limited access to the animals. We will have the centre to ourselves and privileged access into the pens with some of the animals so there will be no barriers or wire obscuring your view! You will come home with stunning photographs that would be extremely difficult in the wild, will have improved your photographic technique and learnt a great deal more about your camera and the wildlife. This is a workshop not to be missed.
Animals available at the centre include foxes, otters and wild cats - you will be able to enter all these enclosures for stunning photographs. Stoats, weasels, polecats, mink are all kept in enclosures carefully landscaped to provide really natural settings with logs, water and appropriate undergrowth. Other animals available include Badgers, roe deer, red deer, muntjac deer, snakes, water voles, frogs and more. This is a truly magnificent centre and provides unrivalled photo opportunities.
Normal workshosp start at 10:00 AM and run till 4:00PM but  I run one "Golden Hour" session in teh summer starting at 2 PM and running till 8PM. This is the same length and we photograph the same aninmals but is timed to take advantage of the wonderful summer golden evening light.
Cost £176