Clients feedback on the
British Wildlife Photo Workshop (Surrey)
I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to this Workshop.
This amazing location offers the very best opportunities for photographing British wildlife. The centre has been especially created with large enclosures designed specifically with photographers in mind. Some of the major TV channels including the BBC use this venue regularly. We will have the centre to ourselves and privileged access into the pens with some of the animals so there will be no barriers or wire obscuring your view! You will come home with stunning photographs that would be extremely difficult in the wild, will have improved your photographic technique and learnt a great deal more about your camera and the wildlife.
Animals available at the centre include foxes, otters and wild cats - you will be able to enter all these enclosures for stunning photographs. Stoats, weasels, polecats, mink are all kept in enclosures carefully landscaped to provide really natural settings with logs, water and appropriate undergrowth. Other animals available include Badgers, roe deer, red deer, muntjac deer, snakes, water voles, frogs and more. This is a truly magnificent centre and provides unrivalled photo opportunities.
Feed back received from attendees of this British Wildlife Photo Workshop.
"The actual day certainly exceeded my expectations. I did not expect to be able to get so close to the wildlife and it was so good to have such small groups and individual attention. Nothing was too much trouble.
I can certainly recommend this workshop to others . The level of instruction was first class and there Bob has so much knowledge he is willing to share. He is also able explain technical details in a way that make it easy to understand. I also loved his energy and enthusiasm throughout the day."
"I expected to have superb subject to photograph. I was NOT disappointed. This workshop exceeded my expectations. Fab location, very helpful & friendly keepers, animals you simply fall in love with.
Having you and Ann to answer questions and provide advice is a huge bonus.
Bob, you are the fount of knowledge and it would be amazing to include a get-together the evening before and discuss technical aspects of photography. I would be delighted to pay extra for such an option."
"I wanted to learn some basic techniques for photographing wildlife as I have never tried to do the in earnest before. I wanted a workshop without the pressure of having to produce an award winning level image at the end, which seems to be a trend in photography workshops of late. I find it hard to learn under exam conditions! These were all fully met !
Keep doing what you are doing! Your teaching/coaching styl e is great, never harsh, or rude, and always supportive and with very clear instruction. All this backed up with a brilliant level of technical understating, creative approach and knowledge of the animals." 
"Getting close to the animals with minimal obstruction was paramount and the venue and helper (Meg), along with your knowledge and guidance, provided just what was needed. Excellent workshop surpassed expectations. As with other Natures Photos workshops I have attended, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and productive day. " 
"We were a bit concerned when the Tawny Owl appeared as we have been on several Bird of Prey workshops but after that it was fantastic and I am more than pleased with the images that I obtained during the day. It has been my ambition to put together a calendar of British Mammals and I now have more than enough to cover 12 / 13 months." 
"I wanted to improve my focussing technique for wildlife. Despite a tech problem with my camera (diagnosed by Bob!) I was able to workaround with his help, and come home with some special shots of animals I had never seen live." 
"Although I have been on two previous courses you have run, (also raptors) I was pleased to find one particular clarification of camera function that I had not previously appreciated. Numbers were about right and did not interfere with individual attention."
Roger Brookstein - May 2019    
"Bob despite 50+ years as a photographer I am always learning Your expert technical knowledge is amazing Yesterday was a really good workshop. Now Just have to edit after over shooting Hope to get to another workshop soon Thanks Patrick "
Patrick Anderson - May 2019    
"I came with an open mind as the course was a gift from my daughters. But I was aware that my technique and equipment knowledge needed sharpening up, as you can just exist it automatic only mode, and with a little effort, and moving out of ones comfort zone you can do a lot more. I achieved all of this.
 I will be on some of your other coures in the future. It has made me look carefully at how to get the best from the kit and the situation you are in, especially with my bird photography. To have a liitle more confidence to experiment and try things out; just delete the rubbish shots! also have just started to venture into using RAW as oposed to jpeg, lets see how it goes!! Thankyou for a brilliant day.
Andie R Timms - April 2019    
"I very much appreciated that you were able to provide individual attention to all participants on the course at a level commensurate with their experience. I found your explanations clear and illuminating and the tips provided highly useful. I ha d a fantastic and informative day and enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you. "
"Pre shoot briefing and attention during workshop first class from Bob. Whilst I did not take part in his lunchtime instruction it was great to see Bob taking time out to explain some of the technicalities of camera operation and settings. Fantastic day all round!!"
"I was expecting to get up close to the animals and I wasn't disappointed. I particularly enjoyed being in with the Otters.
Bob has a wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share with anyone who is interested. He also is more than happy to leave you to it if you don't require any assistance. " 
"What a great day out at the British Wildlife Centre. To be able to get into the enclosures with the animals, in almost natural surroundings, was fantastic and gave us some really good photo opportunities.
Bob is a great Teacher with a vast amount of knowledge and experience answering all our queries and more - I've certainly learnt a few valuable tweeks which have improved my photography - Thanks Bob.
The Staff were well-informed and friendly and looked after us very well from start to finish of the day. I
would highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking should I try it? - It's well worth it and you'll learn a lot whatever your level of experience. " 
"Had a wonderful day at the British Wildlife Centre, it was very well organised with the help of the centre staff, Bob gave us lots of tips on better techniques to improve our shots of the animals, also at the same time some in-depth information about the animals, I would recommend this workshop, to anybody interested in wildlife." 
"First things first I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that is interested in British wildlife regardless of what photography level you may be. The staff were absolutely fantastic and Bob what can I say. Bob is a fantastic teacher/photographer and will guide you through your camera settings and all the techniques that you will need to capture some beautiful images. I would class myself as an intermediate level hobbyist photographer and learn so much from Bob. Bob was always on hand to help me through the day with techniques if needed but would also leave me to my own devices if I wish so. All in all the day was really great and had a fantastic experience with the group. " 
"I attended a day at the British Wildlife Centre in East Surrey with Bob on the 17th of July 2018. It was a fantastic day with lots of opportunity to take great pictures of the animals as we were allowed into some of the enclosures. The BWC staff were very knowledgeable, friendly & helpful. And Bob was on hand all day to provide very practical advice & guidance. All in all a fabulous day out that I would recommend to anyone wishing to improve their wild life photography skills. " 
"Never been on this type of course before. Had a wonderful day, helped in part by the weather. The small group was great and meant we got lots of attention if we needed it. Having the centre to ourselves and getting info from the keeper as well as Bob was interesting. We got a short essentials H&S brief, and the day ran to time. Loved the day, being able to go in enclosures a real plus. " 
"This was a repeat visit - previous trip not with naturesphotos - I wanted to get better images. I was impressed with the time spent with attendees on technical support - this was different from the other visit I had had where clients were largely left to take their own images.
"I loved the day, such a great experience and I took some pictures that I am really proud of. As a complete beginner I learnt some simple techniques which have given me more confidence with my camera. " 
"I had a great day on this workshop and was made to feel welcome from the start. As a beginner I was very nervous abou t my abilities and even though at some points I felt a little oout of my depth, both yourself and Anne put me at ease and helped me work through it. I came away with some images that I was very pleased with and felt that I had made an improvement in my photography. It was also great to learn so much about the animals we photographing as well."
"Lots of opportunities to photograph a variety of animals and gain knowledge of the species and learn techniques with the camera.Bob explained some technical info and then for those who were a little unsure/needed additional info/clarity, he stayed after to go over it again in detail. As always Bob's workshops are brilliant. There's a great mix of theory and pract ical. You always feel supported and you always learn about the subjects you are photographing which I feel is vital."
"It was good to learn new things about which were suitable ISO settings for my particular camera and how noise could be reduced. We valued help with the appropriate settings for ISO and F stop, advice on which lens to use as well as guidance on using + compensation.
Bob had worked out a suitable route for us to follow so that we had the best opportunities of good light in the different areas. He was aware of the time and moved us on to the next area so that we had visited a wide variety of creatures by the end of the evening. We did see the wild cat kittens but the mother had them safely tucked away behind grasses. Kay did take some images but the kittens were well camouflaged.
A tasty selection of sandwiches at 4.00pm fuelled us for the rest of the event. Clear safety guidance was given at the beginning. Meg, the animal keeper was helpful in calling the animals and keeping them interested with food whilst we took our photographs. Bob was aware of the light and changed plans for the location of the hedgehog and owl in order to give us better opportunities. Considering the bad weather at the beginning of the day it all turned out extremely well and Bob did have a back up plan if it had continued to rain. It is a great place to visit and extra special to have Bob guide us into better photography."
"Excellent day well planned out with the maximum time used for photography of the wildlife. Bob and his assistant Ann were the perfect hosts and accompanied us at all times offering information and tips on how to get the best from your camera weather you were a beginner or an old hand at it. We were accompanied by a very pleasant keeper who answered any group questions and supplied the animals with food to ensure they were where we wanted them. A nice buffet lunch provided with tea and coffee on offer throughout the day. All in all a truly excellent day with plenty of pictures to prove it. "
"I was hoping to get into the enclosures with the mammals, so where we could do this my expectations were more than met.  Thank you for your encouragement and tuition - you couldn't do enough to make our day enjoyable.."
"I wanted to learn more about camera settings and get closer to wildlife with exclusive photo opportunities. And cretainl;y managed that. I always felt I could ask questions and would get individual attention. When I first got there and saw the more advanced equipment other group members had I wondered if my limited knowledge and lenses would be adequate. However with guidance and tutoring my images exceeded my expectations beyond doubt. "
"I expected it to be a workshop heavily biased towards maximising our time with the animals with only minimal guidance on best practice or when asked for. And it was great...loads of time with beautiful healthy animals in tip top enclosures, with great hospitality from yourself and Megan the keeper...and too many photos to process. Fantastic day. Objectives and expectations satisfied fully. "
"I booked the course to improve my photography knowledge, and I am pleased to say, that this is the best photography workshop I have attended. I was very impressed with Bob's Photography and wildlife knowledge and the ease with which it was explained. Bob was always available to assist with any help or questions and advice on composition. Very pleased with the photographs, I captured a memorable day . "
"As always Bob provided good photo opportunities with tutoring as and when I needed it regarding questions on settings etc. I really enjoyed the fact that Bob concentrated on the people paying for the workshop. I as never overlooked because Bob was busy with a camera or anything like that which I know for a fact is different with other photographers. "
"Once again a brilliant productive day with Bob. The staff and facilities at the British Wildlife Centre could not be better. I managed to get some great images without fences or bars. As usual Bob advised and helped me with my shots and as always I went home having learnt something new."
"Hello Bob, I previously came on the Harvest Mouse course and thoroughly enjoyed that so thought I would try the British Wildlife course in Surrey, I have thoroughly enjoyed both courses. Your help and patience answering questions related to both photography and the different anim als was both rewarding and educational and very much appreciated. Your explanations to questions were always presented at the right level for me and I picked up some more tips which is always a bonus. I will definitely attend further courses with you in the future.
I would also like to thank the Wildlife Centre staff were very very helpfull."
"Bob - a great day, many thanks. Plenty of photo opportunities with a wide range of species. I would honestly struggle to find any adverse comments. The venue was perfect, the staff/people extremely friendly and I really appreciated the opportunity to 'go it alone' at one stage to revisit the Stoat. I am a bit of a Mustelid fanatic."
"Learnt a lot about our 7D Mk11 and 1DX focusing functions and got to grips with back button focusing, thoroughly enjoyable day. Bob's teaching ability is first class, able to explain complex functions clearly. With lots of photos of moving animals in sharp focus the day gave us answers to our complex cameras functions. "
"Good photo opportunities with some unobtrusive help. Bob, thank you so much had a great day, your input was valuable. Look forward to seeing you again soon"
"My expectations were to photograph animals without fences and close as possible. My expectations were surpassed and I have some wonderful images in natural, as possible, surrounding. Advice was available and was presented in a way that put everyone at ease. The advice offered struck the right balance considering the range of skills within the group. In summary I achieved my aim and learnt things as well. A really enjoyable day. Big thanks to the handler and yourself. "
"We are not wildlife photographers and joined this course to gain a little knowledge. We certainly did that. The whole afternoon and evening was packed with opportunities and assistance. Our idea was that if we had one or two images at the end of the day we would be happy but achieved many more than that. It was an interesting, companionable and helpful day. We would highly recommend the course to others "
"Hello Bob, I came on the Harvest Mouse course, and British Wildlife course in Surrey, with a friend, and thoroughly enjoyed both courses. Your help with answers to questions and your practical expertise were very much appreciated. I learnt a lot and hope to do more courses with you in the future."
"The day was extremely enjoyable; in fact several of us said that the only sad thing was that the day passed so quickly! I was hoping that there would be a good number of easily approachable animals on show and that they would be photographable. Also that there would be hints on wildlife photography in general as well as for specific animals. You achieved all this and what is more the weather was good – an added bonus!
Thank you for the knowledge that you imparted and please give a big thank you to Izzy (the keeper) who was a charming and very helpful host."
"Hi Bob, Thank you for organizing such a great day at the Wildlife Centre. You certainly achieved your aim as far as I was concerned learning how the camera determines exposure and when to use compensation, and the approprate setting for the autofocus in a given situation. Mastering the techniques will require more practice :-)
Reviewing the shots I had taken was difficult at the time on the small camera screen and in daylight so I didn't appreciate until I was able to download them to my computer just how many memorable pictures I had, There were also several shots of the patch of grass where the weasel had been just before the shutter was released! "
"Really generous in lending out lenses to try ~ was a big help and also the suggestions of what lens, shutter speed etc to use, especially with the changing light.
Excellent facilities, refreshments and overall a really enjoyable and fun day ~ thanks again and hope to book on other workshops in the future "
Claire Wright - October 2014
"Yes, a thoroughly good workshop for beginner and advanced photographer alike with an opportunity to photo animals which some people may not have seen in the wild before. Tutor's help and attention to every individual is very good."
Some of Wendy's Photos from the workshop day
"Many and varied opportunities from sleek shiny otters, fast tricky weasels, acrobatic stealthy wild cats, cheeky red squirrels, shady foxes and more in beautiful settings. There is much to learn and plenty to challenge. A full and truly entertaining day in perfect light (very well organised), spent in the company of a lovely bunch of folks. Loved every minute."
Some of Michele's Photos from the workshop day
"I had an absolutely fantastic day. Due to the clear instructions from Bob, I came away with some great photos and the technical side of photography finally clicked into place for me. Bob's knowledge of both the photography and wildlife was fabulous and allowed us to really understand what settings would be appropriate, depending on the animal's behaviour.
The size of the class and therefore Bob's ability to split his time was just right. The centre, it's staff and facilities were great. "
Jo Randall - March 2014
"My third visit, yet I still managed to get some different shots, and I think in one or two cases, better ones than previously. In particular, the wildcats including the kittens provided new opportunities, and while the badgers have proved difficult in the past, the relatively few shots I took were perhaps a little better than on past visits."
Peter Duncan - Oct 2013
"I was very much looking forward to the day at Surrey Wildlife Centre and wasn't disappointed. It was a treat to be
able to go inside the animal enclosures and have such close contact with the very obliging animals, especially the wildcats and foxes. Space was a little tight for 10 people in the red squirrel enclosure but the numbers weren't an issue anywhere else. Thanks Bob for your help and advice throughout the day, I look forward to taking part in another of your workshops in the future."
Some of Lesley's Photos from the workshop day
"I was looking forward to seeing and photographing badgers and foxes, this was achieved plus much more!"
Some of Nicola's Photos from the workshop day
"This was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with otters, foxes, badgers, Scottish wild cats, stoats & weasels and other British mammals and learn so much from an expert in wildlife photography. The level of tuition was just right for my level of expertise. My skills, knowledge and understanding of photography improved immensely during the day. Overall this is a wonderful location, course and introduction to wildlife photography and and has helped me to realise how much I enjoyed the interaction with the wildlife and capturing their individual behaviours and characteristics on camera. Definitely something I want to continue to pursue and I look forward to continuing to improve this aspect of my photography. Thanks Rona"
Rona Bassett - Oct 2013
"I was hoping for access to and visibility of British mammals to photograph that would otherwise be hard to achieve together with the guidance to ensure I got some reasonable images to take away from the day. I received all of these and this workshop way exceeded my expectations. Thank you."
Tom Cooper - May 2013
"Hi Bob, We both thoroughly enjoyed an excellent day, thank you. The group was friendly and a really good size, and your instruction was excellent! We had a great level of tuition throughout the day, good friendly approach , felt I could ask dumb questions too ! We got much closer to the animals than I ever imagined we would , all in all a great experience ! I haven't sorted my images yet, but I know I'll have plenty of things to learn and think about, whatever the results! I have come away inspired and even more determined! Had a wonderful day thank you."
Jon and Pam Cruise - May 2013
"This was my second visit along with Ian Duffield, and although the weather wasn't particularly kind, I achieved some excellent results, and the day overall was highly enjoyable and productive. In particular, I was very keen to try out the tracking autofocus on my recently acquired Canon 5D Mk III and although I thought at the time I hadn't succeeded particularly well with the running fox, I found several pin sharp results when I loaded them in that evening. This type of picture is hugely satisfying if it works, and the good ones alone would have made the day worthwhile. I think it's possible Ian and I will have another go on a subsequent Workshop, to try to do even better. My shots of both foxes and red squirrels were significantly improved over the first visit, which from a personal standpoint was more important. Thanks Bob."
Peter Duncan - March 2013
Some of Peter's Photos from the workshop day
"My aim was to come away with a selection of varied and competent shots of various British wild animals and, in particular, to improve upon the results I achieved on a similar course here in October 2012. I am pleased to say that, despite yet another dull, cold day, my objectives were achieved. As always, Bob was very helpful and arranged a few different scenarios from my earlier visit, in particular shots of running foxes and leaping otters. The Scottish wildcat refused to play ball but that was nobody's fault. I now aim to book on another of these courses in a few month's time with hopefully brighter weather. Thanks again Bob."
Ian Duffield - March 2013
(Ian so enjoyed his day he came back twice)
Some of Ian's Photos from his 2nd visit
Some of Ian's Photos from his 1st visit
"The course was excellent, the staff really helpful and the enclosures so well designed and built my photos look really natural. Your tuition was just at the right level; you didn’t interfere but seemed always to be there with that helpful tip that made all the difference to the success of my photos. I can genuinely say my photography improved during the day. The opportunity to photograph the mice in the indoor ‘studio’ was the real icing on the cake for me. Thank you for organising the day I hope to return soon to try and make the most of what I have learned."
Stephen Francis - October 2012
Stephen's perspective on the workshop day
"I had a great day in spite of the weather. Have improved my knowledge of my camera and don't feel quite so anxious about trying some different settings.
My worries about the animals were unfounded (apart from a kestrel that did not appear very happy), as they all looked very content and adequately cared for with sufficient accommodation for their needs.
My main problem with previous photos was the speed I was using not wanting to increase the ISO too much because of grainy photos. Now understand that this is necessary to achieve more accurate focusing/sharpness in my photos. Also understand a bit more about metering which was a bit of a mystery! Thanks Bob."
Some of Margaret's Photos from the workshop day
"Bob – just a quick thank you for the excellent day on Monday. Despite the weather we came away with some good pictures – not that I’ve had time to vet them all. I enjoyed the trip and found it very useful as always! Katy (the keeper) did us proud and was very helpful to the group as a whole."
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