Fungi Closeup and Macro Workshop
Dates to be announced for 2019
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Workshop Synopsis
Fungi are the perfect subject for the keen close up and macro photographer. They come in a huge variety of colours, shapes, and sizes and the peak autumn season reveals them at their best as wonderful subjects to photograph. Once you know where to look for them and have mastered the basic photographic and lighting techniques they are an excellent subject to practise and perfect your close up and macro photography skills.
To improve your chances of success it helps to understand something of the natural history of fungi. For this workshop I have teamed up with Justin Long, an experienced mycologist, who has been studying fungi for around 15 years. He has led the very popular adult education fungi forays since 2008, and hosted events, forays and talks on fungi for a wide number of different groups and organisations. He is thus is the perfect person to introduce us to this exciting subject and from whom to learn more about identifying different types of fungi including the dangers of certain varieties.
Macro and close up is a field of photography which all too often can seem baffling and expensive. Through this workshop I will attempt to dispel both of these myths and to help you to understand just how easy and fun it is and can be. I will introduce you to some of my preferred techniques for photographing fungi looking to take best advantage of what natural light is available as well as how this can be augmented to optimise the settings the subjects are found in.
As I will be seeking to help you experiment with and learn new techniques I limit the number attending this workshop to a maximum of 8 so that I can spend as much time with each of you as you'd like or want.
As your wildlife photographer guide I will be on hand all day to assist by explaining relevant techniques, camera settings etc. and Justin will be here to assist with fungi identification and awarness.
Cost £80