Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop

I am pleased to say that following cancellations last year due to COVID-19 l am starting to schedule this workshop again from April 2021. In doing so we will make all necessary changes to incorporate the constantly changing situation re COVID-19 and the current advice from the government and its agencies particularly regarding gatherings and the numbers concerned. As they are only run with maximum of 2 people and in the open I am hopeful we can start as soon as the legislation permits and am hopeful thsi will be April.

N.B. If we are unable to run any workshop due to COVID legislation, any resulting cancellations, whilst regretable, will be refunded in full.

8th April 2021 (pm) Fully booked
18th April 2021 (am) Fully booked
18th April 2021 (pm) Fully booked
20th April 2021 (am) Spaces available
20th April 2021 (pm) Spaces available
16th May 2021 (am) Fully booked
16th May 2021 (pm) Fully booked
18th May 2021 (am) Spaces available
18th May 2021 (pm) Fully booked
29th May 2021 (am) Just 1 space available
29th May 2021 (pm) Fully booked
7th June 2021 (pm) Fully booked
13th July 2021 (am) Just 1 space available
13th July 2021 (pm) Fully booked
2nd September 2021 (pm) Spaces available
2nd September 2021 (pm) Just 1 space available
Further dates to be announced as soon as possible - if none of the above suit you please click the green button below to be added to the waiting list
Other dates or group bookings available on request please e-mail bob@naturesphotos.co.uk to enquire.
Workshop Synopsis
As Britain’s smallest British rodent harvest mice are the only old world mammal to have truly prehensile tails which they use to help them climb. They are extremely active and agile climbers feeding in the stalk zone of long grasses and reeds. I was introduced to this little mouse nearly 40 years ago and I have been fond of them ever since.
All this makes them fascinating and attractive subjects for wildlife photography a project I first undertook 35 years ago but have revisited recently. Having established a colony for this project I am now thrilled to be able to give others the opportunity to photograph them for themselves.
This is a chance to capture some really stunning images and to have some fun at the same time. The workshops are ½ day and I limit the numbers to 2 or 3. I am offering 1/2 day workshops at my house in North Northamptonshire within easy access to all the main routes. Morning sessions run from 10am to 12:30pm and afternoon sessions run from 2:00pm to 4:30pm.
Just a word of warning - photographing harvest mice is addictive !
Cost £64 for a half day (2½ hour) workshop limited to 3 people (2 in the winter months)
DEFRA Operators Licence 19/01834/AWEA
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