Clients feedback on the Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop
I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to my Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop. 
As Britain’s smallest British rodent harvest mice are extremely active and agile climbers feeding in the stalk zone of long grasses and reeds. They are also the only old world mammal to have truly prehensile tails which they use to help them climb. All this makes them adorable and a truly fascinating and attractive subject for wildlife photography. This unique workshop provides the opportunity to capture some really stunning images and to have some fun at the same time.

Feed back received from attendees of the Harvest Mouse Photo Workshop.
"An amazing workshop, I had hoped to get some good pictures, but with Bob's help exceeded my expectations had a brilliant day and got some superb pictures.
Whole session was very well organised, and really good to chat about camera techniques prior to starting this helped me improve my photography with excellent results "
"Thanks for today's great experience Bob. The mice performed as expected but your additional information & advice is invaluable, both for today & future shoots. "
"I was aware of your workshop from members of my Camera Club (Droitwich). Having seen other peoples results online I decided I would attend. The workshop was everything I expected and more. I really enjoyed it. I have many images to process which will keep me occupied for a while. I hope to see you again on one of your ot her workshops next year. "
"It was a fantastically enjoyable day, Bobs knowledge of both the subject and photography made the whole experience so interesting. There was ample time to photograph the Harvest Mice, with an in depth explanation of the behaviours of these fascinating little creatures. I would highly recommend anyone to do this workshop, you will not be disappointed by the experience."
"Having been an enthusiast amateur photographer for many, many years and with a half decent DSLR, I reckoned my photography was OK. Within minutes of meeting Bob, over a coffee and an informal chat I was in the ‘learning zone’. Bob was explaining camera settings and techniques of which I have been blissfully ignorant. I am used to back-button-focus but I was now learning settings to improve exposure - all connected with the histogram. Bob has an amazing depth of knowledge and without looking at any of his photographs, you just ‘know’ he is immersed in hands on experience. When you then see his photos, it is a jaw dropping moment. A true master. Bob is the genuine article. We eventually got into the field and commenced photographing the mice. It was wonderful and I returned home with just less than 500 raw images. The harvest workshop is exceptional value for money and I thoroughly enjoyed myself ‘shooting harvest mice’. Upon reflection, the ultimate value for me was the time spent with Bob. He is generous with his time, knowledge and experience. On his return from Safari I want to book a couple of hours with Bob to simply discuss how I can gain more from my camera/s. Thank you Bob - you were correct, the mice are addictive - but so are you! "
"What a fantastic afternoon with Bob and Ann I learnt a lot about these fascinating little mice as close up photography . A great relaxed atmosphere, and Bob was always on hand and happy to help I really enjoyed the workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop. Many thanks."
"I was expecting to spend time with the harvest mice to have an opportunity to photograph a species I had never come across in the wild. I met and exceeded these with very helpful, practical advice from knowledgeable hosts, along with a thoroughly enjoyable morning! The opportunity to borrow a lens which was most suited for the subject was a really pleasant surprise!
A fantastic morning in which I learnt loads and came away with some really fantastic pictures! Many thanks "
"I throughly enjoyed the workshop. Bob and Ann were very welcoming. Bob is so knowledgeable and I throughly enjoyed listening to his advice and experiences about the harvest mice as well as his photography experiences. " 
"My expectations were more than met. Excellent photo opportunity the mice were brilliant and the tuition first class thanks for the loan of lens and for the help and tips on ways to better use my camera ( the back button focusing is so much easier ). Will probably be booking this workshop again ." 
"Bob and Ann presented us with a superb half day workshop, in a most friendly, but professional way. The whole process was carried out in an easy manner, but with lots of useful information on both the life of the harvest mouse, and how to obtain the best images. Their hospit ality was also so welcoming, and we could not have wanted for anything. I have attended many photographic workshops, but this was by far the best. Thank you Bob and Ann." 
"My expectations were definitely exceeded, I expected it to be difficult to get good photographs of the harvest mice, but there was ample opportunity to take many photographs, with various different foliage.
I would highly recommend this wonderful workshop. I learnt more about my camera and photography and harvest mice. The set up was excellent and every assistan ce was given where needed. We had left plenty of time to take lots of photographs within a lovely setting. " 
"Thanks for a great afternoon, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot both from talking to you and taking the photographs. You were absolutely right about the depth of field issue!
I have given you quite a few recommendations to friends already and shots that I have put on Photocrowd have had multiple 'loves'."
Charles Broomhead - April 2019    
"The workshop was great from start to finish. I felt welcome as soon as I arrived and really appreciated the mix of practical advice regarding photographing the mice and technical advice relating to camera fu nctions. The size of the group was perfect as there was ample opportunity for each of us to take plenty of photos without getting in each other's way. Thank you very much to both of you - I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone that was interested in it! " 
"My expectations for the worksop were, that if i managed a few good shots I would be happy. My expectations far exceeded this, I have so many shots that I am very happy with it will take some time to go through them!! I was greeted with a warm welcome that immediately put me at ease. Myself and the other 2 participants were offered tea or coffee which was most welcome after my drive up from Kent, at the beginning of the workshop we were informed about the Harvest mice and that their welfare was paramount throughout the workshop, along with advice and support about camera gear that would be best to use, but the decision was ours. Throughout the workshop I, and am sure the other participants felt the same we were very supported with any support we needed to ensure we all left with some very nice shots. I am sure that i will be returning for further workshops. My journey home was not good due to two incidents on M11 but even that could not dampen the great afternoon I had, and I'm sure I must have been smiling all the way home. I would recommend this workshop to anyone. I'm not sure how the workshop could be improved, it was a great workshop and I'm sure I will be looking at the other workshops you offer
"I was hoping to dust off my camera , learn how to use it better to photograph wildlife and hopefully get some images to show off to my friends. From the beginning it was apparent that I was going to meet all these expectations! Were they fully met ? I was so impressed by the time you spent preparing us beforehand. More than one lightbulb went on! Your teaching brought together a number of jigsaw piece . I learned loads but the two areas that really stood out for me was pushing the exposure way higher than I would have dared otherwise. And secondly a much better understanding of focal lengths/depth of field. " 
"This more than met my expectations. The pre-photo shoot discussion on technical points and the mice themselves was a good scene-setter and I think that the venue, props management and backdrop were all fine. This was the first time I had photographed harvest mice so I learned a lot from it and had great fun doing it. Thanks for a lovely welcome and a really most pleasant half-day. " 
"I had wanted to attend this workshop for a while & it met all my expectations. Bob was very helpful including lending me a lens for the morning and provided lots of facts about the mice, he also made sure their welfare was a priority during the workshop. He provided feedback on photos and showed me useful fe atures on my camera, whilst also explaining what situations other menu options would be suitable for. I am very happy with the photos I took and cannot wait for my next workshop with Bob" 
"I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was delighted with the shoot and all the support and information we were given on the day. It was a history, biology and a photography lesson all rolled into a great day and a great shoot. Thank you Bob et al for enabling me to great some lovely images." 
"I had previously done a similar photo session with harvest mouse, but what I like most about this session is the amount of photographers on the course, Bob keeps it down to a maximum of three which was essential for making photos of the harvest mice, anymore and I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much and the animals were not stressed, Bob is very careful about this and loves these little creatures and does not want to stress them out. My expectation of the day werefully fulfilled and I am looking forward to going on my next course in July" 
"I really enjoyed the morning and the help and advice that I received as I did my first ever macro shots (40+ years of photography) The advice I received throughout the morning was spot-on and best of all I learnt a lot as well as getting some great images" 
"I wanted to learn more about harvest mice, my camera and photography, as well as having the opportunity to take photos of them on different props. I certainly managed that.
I was a great afternoon, good advice and came away feeling like I learnt new things. Also great that you knew about Nikon cameras, other workshops I've been on have only concentrated on Canon systems."
"I think the workshop was great. I learnt a lot about the species and got a lot of advice about my camera equipment and photography in general. Bob is highly knowledgeable and demonstrates various ways of doing the photographing something, with pro's and con's for each method. His love of wildlife, is infectious and I would highly recommend taking at least one of his workshops!"
"Bob, you are an excellent and gifted teacher. I had a most enjoyable time. Thank you for the warm welcome and hospitality. I left with some very pleasing images, very valuable advice which I will now put to use, and fond memories of the charming little mice (about which I now know a lot more). I would very much like to attend more courses in the future."
"Bob, it was a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours, the Harvest Mice were a joy to watch and photograph and I continue to pick up the benefit of your experience, to help me in my journey to improve my core photographic skills, already looking forward to the next workshop."
"I was expecting to be lying or kneeling down waiting for the mice to appear every now and then from a thicket, so I was delighted to find they were so accessible. Also it was excellent that there were not more photographers all competing for opportunities for shots which can happen on some courses. So in the sense of my expectations being met-they were not-but in fact I had a very pleasant surprise and excellent experience. I was expecting to get one or a few decent shots but have more than that.
I found the introduction and technical instruction useful and suitable. I may have improved by studying my images more frequently. I found it easy to use the 100mm lens you lent me. I found watching the harvest mice absolutely fascinating and thought you showed great interest in the subject which is most important for enthusing students. "
"The Content & Delivery far exceeded all expectations. From the moment I arrived (albeit 50mins too early), I was greeted with a smile & a Coffee, which immediately had a calming influence (on this very nervous photographer). Planned to perfection, even having a backup plan for inclement weather if it came to it. Can the workshop be improved? Personally I would say Not. "
"My expectations were exceeded. I learned photography stuff I never expected. I learned all about harvest mice. All expectations were they fully met
A fantastic afternoon from the first greeting to our farewells. "
"I wanted to learn to learn more about using my 7Dmk2 & I learnt a great deal! To come home with some good photos; still processing but quite pleased.
Mice, weather and you could not have been more helpful and I learned a lot. I can't see a way of improving things."
"I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the harvest mice, such wonderful little creatures. I was fascinated by them and could have stayed all day. Bob, you have the balance just right by restricting the numbers on this course, thereby giving each person the opportunity for some great photos. As I'm relatively new to photography I found the help you gave me invaluable and I came away with photographs that I'm very pleased with.
I have a lot to learn and am looking forward to my next course with you.."
"The course way exceeded my expectations and the write up was correct they are very addictive going to book another Harvest Mice course for the Autumn they are just that adorable. I came home with a great collection of photos and much clearer than I expected I would. With Bob's great easy and idiot proof instructions just what I needed. I would highly recommend Bobs course which I have done already. Thank you for a great experience and has given me more confidence in using my camera. Had a great day and your workshop was spot on, no improvements needed."
"The day met and exceeded my expectations, the settings and how well the mice were trained to climb the props was exceptional. Also the informative way that you put over the best ways of capturing the images and technical aspects was easily understood and benefited the quality of images achieved.
You have a very easy going approach at the same time ensuring we got the best from the workshop."
"Well to be honest I thought it would be harder as I thought the mice would be darting everywhere but with Bob’s knowledge it was a wonderful experience. Bob is such a good helpful person, I came away not only having a great time with the harvest mice but with a lot more knowledge of my camera, I would recommend these workshops to any one."
"I was the only attendee for this workshop and it was tremendous to have Bob's undivided attention for the session. He was very accommodating and had prepared a number of different 'props' for the mice to climb. I have some lovely photos and learnt a lot too- and not just about photographing the mice as Bob was very willing to explain other aspects of my camera and of the other kit I had brought along."
"My expectations were to have the opportunity to photograph harvest mice but I got far more out of it than that. It certainly exceeded my expectations. Thank you. A thoroughly enjoyable and educational workshop. I learnt so much more about general photography as well as instructions on taking some great harvest mice photographs. Would definitely recommend and I'd love to do more of the workshops."
"This course went beyond my expectations. In addition to the opportunity to photograph the delightful and entertaining mice, Bob is so very knowledgeable and is happy to share that knowledge with you. I was surprised at how small and fast the mice were, and even in daylight it was necessary to push the ISO up high (whilst they were moving). His suggested settings, and his encouragement of trying out new techniques were very much appreciated. I had a great afternoon, where I learned lots and got some great shots of the mice. "
"Have just spent a fantastic afternoon with Bob, photographing Harvest Mice. He is such a knowledgeable and pleasant chap. Gave advice on camera techniques etc as well as information on the beautiful mice. Highly recommend him."
"A really positive and informative workshop. Just the right amount of introductory chatter, balanced with practice shooting and opportunity to photograph the animals. Bob was very enthusiastic and passionate about the mice and the photography. A small group (only 2 of us that afternoon) allowed plenty of time for questions, some 1-to-1 working and the day flew past. I came away with some great shots, new techniques and much more confidence than I thought I would. I would definitely recommend this course and wouldn't hesitate to book another."
"The small group was great, as this meant lots of photo opportunities and also lots of 1-2-1 advice when needed. I learnt some new things about my camera settings and confidence to take more wildlife photos in the future. Bob is a great teacher and was very helpful, I would definately reccomend this workshop and everyone will love the tiny harvest mice!"
"This was the third time I have attended this workshop and each time I have learnt something new. As a host, Bob is absolutely first class and is always great company. The attention given to both photographers was exemplary and fit for purpose. It is always good to learn things about Harvest Mice and Bob's knowledge of them is second to none. Bob's in depth knowledge of cameras and lenses really sets him apart from other workshop leaders I have met and this knowledge really helps when setting up the camera for the day."
"I had a fab day and know more about my camera with you in one morning than in three years at my camera club."
"Wow what a day couldnt thank you enough for the opportunity to photograph these wonderful little creatures. From the initial history through to the tips and tricks and even borrowing the L lens I couldnt compliment enough. Started to go through the 780 photos last night - these little mice are a challenge and a great way to improve your macro skills. So much so I will definitely be returning in the autumn!"
"I had a great day and my expectations were fully met and I picked up a few tips.
I was made to feel very welcome when I arrived and offered refreshments. The preliminary talk was useful with advice on which lenses to use and it was good to learn about the mice and their habitat. Altogether, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would certainly recommend it to others. Thanks Bob "
"I was especially looking forward to learning to photograph a small moving animal, to come away with some good photos and to learn about harvest mice. I certainly did that ! The advice re camera settings (e.g. aperture, shutter speeds) were particularly helpful for me on this subject. I really feel that my photography has improved. The three workshops I have attended with Bob this year have really helped me to push my photography to another level. "
"I had read feedback comments on your site that this was a great experience and one that is addictive, well I can only say that they are right. The way you educated us about these adorable little critters and the way in which you staged these mice in which I can only describe as their own little theatre went beyond my expectations. Thanks go out to your wife for supplying tea and of course the mice, and of course you Bob, once again you have given me a new dimension to my photography. I have been to two of your raptor workshops with another in two weeks, and having just spent a half day with your harvest mice I think that this speaks for itself I don't know of any way you could improve "
"My expectations for the day were quite high really as I know of a couple of people who have been on your courses before and their feedback was excellent. I was not in any way disappointed. We got there early, were greeted by Bob and invited into his home and very nice garden which was to be the location for the shoot. Bobs wife made us tea while Bob chatted us through what we would be doing and how etc...
Throughout the workshop Bob gave us plenty of tips and tricks and even lens me a lens to try out for the duration which was extremely kind of him. I came away with some superb shots, and more knowledge and craft than I arrived with. Couldn't really ask for more, well, apart from more hours to shoot these cute furry critters! "
"It was such a pleasure to photograph the harvest mice and not only were you very welcoming but also a fantastic guide. My expectations were fully met if not exceeded on the day, I really appreciated your help, instruction, tips and advice. The mice were adorable, fascinating creatures and the props/background ideal. It was a wonderful experience and I am really pleased with my images. I have already recommended the workshop to many friends! Thanks again Bob"
"It was wonderful to be able to observe these fascinating little creatures and capture something of their character with advice and guidance for using settings on my new camera and improving my photographs. My expectations were fully met in all of these ways."
"Hello Bob, I came on the Harvest Mouse course, and British Wildlife course in Surrey, with a friend, and thoroughly enjoyed both courses. Your help with answers to questions and your practical expertise were very much appreciated. I learnt a lot and hope to do more courses with you in the future."
"Bob - it was a lovely day and helped by the wonderful weather. We so valued your support in understanding our cameras which helped us achieve some fab shots. It was such a relaxed time and I learned a lot about the mice and how to get the best out of my camera. We really valued your friendly open approach and Mary's cuppa with a biscuit! And of course the stars of the day were the cute little mice! I have some lovely photo's which I am v pleased with. Thank you so much I will definitely return at some point. :) "
Debbie Morffew - April 2015
"Was expecting to be photographing outdoors but due to weather we was in summer house however this was great with the lighting in there and only being 2 of us on the course. I came away with more photo's than expected (660)! The different props for the mice was fantastic especially the blossom. The tuition was fantastic, advice on settings etc and the way it was presented was easy to understand.
I had a fantastic time, learned lots and came away with some stunning photographs! Couldn't ask for more! "
" I thoroughly enjoyed the harvest mouse workshop and took some lovely images. Thanks too for the tuition as I feel more in control of my camera settings. I'd love to do another workshop with you in the future. "
Judith Spencer - April 2015
"I didn't know what to expect. This was a first for me with regards to workshops and has wetted my appetite for more. Your individual attention and help was excellent and made me realise that I need to learn a lot more about my camera. I look forward to the next workshop, next year perhaps. Your mice were so cute and I really enjoyed the experience. I won't be as nervous next time. Thanks Bob for a great afternoon."
Pauline Kerr - October 2014
"I had an amazing time photographing the Harvest Mouse under Bobs instructions and would highly recommend any one to join any of his workshops."
Alec Trusler - October 2014
"I hoped to get the opportunity to photograph Harvest Mice in a fairly natural setting with technical support and advice if required. I also wanted to be free to take what I wanted which was afforded me with only two guests. Great workshop and might be back next year!"
  Some of Peter's Photos from a workshop day
"I was hoping to get just a few lovely pictures - I have hundreds.... hardly any are rubbish. The workshop was perfect with two people, gives you inspiration seeing what they choose but you both have ample opportunity to get shots without someone in the way."
Jeannie Waite - October 2014
"My expectation was to get some good photos of harvest mice and see how you kept them and handled them so that it was possible to take photos of them. My expectations were more than fulfilled. It was a great afternoon and I got some very good photos. I found the whole afternoon very enlightening. It was very interesting to see how you lit the summerhouse when we came inside too. As a more experienced photographer I find it frustrating that many books and courses are aimed just at beginners. Your workshop and the resulting photos gave me useful knowledge and practice of an area of photography that I have always liked but have felt difficult to get involved with. Talking with you and reflecting on the afternoon plus looking at the photos afterwards was very rewarding. For instance we talked about using aperture priority mode to get adequate depth of field but many photos then showed movement. It's a shame I thought that you can only set aperture or shutter not both. A quick trial setting the camera to manual, setting a good aperture and a fast enough shutter speed whilst setting the sensor speed to automatic made me realise that there is an alternative. Another triumph of that old adage, "I do and understand". Thanks Bob it was a great afternoon."
  Some of John's Photos from a workshop day
"My expectations were very open-minded because you never know what you will find when you arrive at a new venue however even with this open-mindedness I was very pleasantly surprised with the set up. I was very satisfied to get the opportunity to photograph Harvest Mice with several different kinds of foliage which added to the enjoyment of the day"
  Some of Gary's Photos from a workshop day
"Hi Bob, thank you so much for another brilliant course. I loved it and have some super pictures. Having done the course before, there were certain things that caused me difficulties last time. I needed help with to understand the subject better and help my photography. Bob was as always able to provide the explanation and help me enormously with focal lengths, depth of field and focus stacking issues."
Anne Eckersley - August 2014
"I was looking forward to the opportunity to see / handle these beautiful animals; to attempt to photograph them; to gain more experience using my equipment (macro lens) in challenging circumstances. I certainly achieved that.
How can one improve upon perfection? The session covered everything I wanted to do - Bob's knowledge, expertise and passion for his subject was evident and his communication skills are excellent. Bob was generous with his knowledge, time and equipment - no photographic set-up was too much bother and he was well-prepared with a wide range of props and alternative activities. "
Cheryl Oliver - August 2014
"I was hoping for a good photo opportunity and the set up certainly met my expectations. A friendly welcome and a really good afternoon 's photography from which I got many good images."
  Some of Dave's Photos from a workshop day
"It was fantastic. What a wonderful opportunity to see these small mammals and be able to photograph them. Your teaching was excellent and i learned so much - I just wish I could remember everything!! It was a fantastic afternoon - Thank you Bob - Really brilliant!!!      Looking forward to doing more workshops with you in the future. "
  Some of Joyce's Photos from a workshop day
"I had a great day and my expectations were fully met and I picked up a few tips. Loved the little harvest mice."
  Some of Wendy's Photos from a workshop day
"I had no expectations as this was the first workshop I have ever done. Bob was immediately likeable and put me at my ease. He explained things very clearly at whatever level I needed. The access to the Harvest Mice was amazing as we were literally 1 or 2 feet away. To be honest I thought that if I came away with one decent photo I'd be pleased. With Bob on hand to guide me and the ability to get so close to these truly enchanting creatures I was able to get loads of g reat pictures. A fantastic course which I would recommend to anyone. Thanks Bob."
Some of Suzi's Photos from the day
"My aims were to improve my macro photography skills. I not only met these aims I learnt a lot more besides. Being able to use your extension tubes and being able to freely pick your brains was fantastic. Your were very informative. I have also made more use of your website since. I already had your depth of field tables but the article on back button focusing was extremely interesting and I will be trying that today."
Some of Lynn's Photos from a workshop day
"Thank you for sharing your mice with me for an afternoon, they are wonderful little creatures and so photogenic. Throughout the workshop I felt that help and advice was always available yet it was not forced upon me when not required - the balance was just right. The setting s and props for the mice were ideal and I came home with plenty of images that pleased me. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon."
Ken Petch - June 2014
"We were made to feel very welcome when we arrived and offered refreshments. The preliminary talk was useful with advice on which lenses to use and helpful tips on where to aim the focus point. It was good to learn about the mice and their habitat. We were really pleased to be able to get so close to the mice and Bob's help with additional lighting was much appreciated. It was also good to have a variety of plants and flowers for the mice to climb on. Bob achieved a really good balance between letting us happily shoot away and offering help as we went along. With only two of us it meant we had plenty of room and didn't feel crowded. Altogether, we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would certainly recommend it to others. Thanks Bob."
Elizabeth Taylor - May 2014
"Harvest mice are not only very cute, but, in the wild, almost impossible to see, yet alone photograph. Bob provides the opportunity for anyone to get fabulous shots in a very relaxing half-day session. He remains on hand to provide advice when required, but doesn't interfere unnecessarily.
The mice naturally have other ideas, and besides their desire to escape, are constantly on the move, thus going in and out of focus and in and out of frame. You can be certain that you will get plenty of shots of mice bottoms, and even some with no mice at all!
Amongst the rejects, there will almost certainly be some fabulous shots. I used a bridge camera rather than a digital S.L.R., and was very pleased with the results. To conclude, this was a session that I would recommend to any photographer, whatever your previous experience. "
Some of Dave's Photos from a workshop day
"Having been on this workshop before, I knew how engaging the subject would be and generally what to expect. The rainy weather did not detract from the enjoyment of the day as the summer house was entirely suitable for the small number of us. Equipment and lighting were entirely suitable for the workshop. Altogether another entirely bewitching experience with these exquisite and adorable beasties. It was a delight having you all to ourselves for the afternoon. Thanks again for yet another wonderful photo opportunity. "
Linda Wilson - April 2014
"Having seen some of the photos on the website that previous students had taken I was hoping I would be able to get some similar shots. I wasn't disappointed. I can't think of anything you could have done differently. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and your company. You are an excellent teacher. You were more than helpful and very patient in explaining some of the finer points of my camera. I learned several things that I had not understood previously.
The mice themselves were so cute even though it was hard to get them to sit still long enough to get a sharp shot. A good reason to go back another day for another try!
I am looking forward to coming on the wildlife workshop in October. "
Sue Gurney - April 2014
"I'm not sure what I expected beyond the opportunity to photograph harvest mice with a series of set-ups similar to the ones seen on the website. It's always interesting meeting a new photographer, who may have a different approach, and so I tend to go into workshops with someone new with a pretty open mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Bob comes across as very likeable, approachable - and knowledgeable. I did appreciate the background discussion about harvest mice - it's not something you necessarily get on most workshops and I found it fascinating."
Craig Lindsay - March 2014
"I was looking forward to an enjoyable day taking photos, learning something new, and coming away with images I was pleased with. I was not disappointed. In fact my expectations were surpassed. I really enjoyed myself, learned so much more than expected, and came away with not only lovely images, but enthusiasm for a new project. It was great fun Bob, I'm still thinking about it."
Elaine Mathieson - February 2014
"When I booked this workshop I was hoping to come away with some lovely photographs of the little Harvest Mice as seen on the website, and I certainly did that, I had a lovely day learning about the little mice and of course how best to capture them, along with tips and tricks on macro as well."
Fiona Hogarth - February 2014
"I wanted to practice close up techniques with or without flash. To photograph a subject that would be impossible for me to photograph in its natural habitat. I always hope that question on technique will be answered so that I can learn. All these were fully met ! I particularly liked the very small number of people attending (2) as we were both able to get the images without getting in the way. I did not feel rushed. Settings were realistic and well thought out with the photographer in mind. I will be recommending the venue to friends."
Norma Tryner - Nov 2013
"I didn't know what to expect, but came away with some lovely pictures and had a super time in the process, so thank you very much."
Anne Eckersley - Nov 2013
"Just wanted to say thank you ever so much for the time at the Harvest Mouse workshop yesterday morning I came away a lot more confident in setting and using both my flash and 7d and I really am finding the back focusing button set up a revelation. It was also great to meet another photographer who has the same way of thinking as I do in terms of the natural world . I came way from the morning with a large number of shots I am very very happy with and I have posted some up on Flickr today so perhaps you will enjoy taking a look if you get chance. Many many thanks again for your time, patience and allowing me to use your 100mm macro for the session. I will hopefully be coming along to another of your workshops in the future. Kindest regards and best wishes William."
Some of William's Photos from a workshop day
"This was the first time I have attended any workshop and was slightly concerned as to what I might find and my own ability. These concerns were quickly expelled with Bob providing a professional & friendly welcome with the right amount of guidance. I quickly got into the swing of things and found that I was better than I realised!"
Ian Oxborough - Oct 2013
"I didn't really know what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed the session. The mice were adorable and performed very well and Bob wasn't too bad either!! It was very relaxed and friendly and, being a novice photographer, Bob put me at ease and took the time to explain things to me which was really appreciated. Thank you "
Rebecca Teague - Oct 2013
"As this was my second course my expectation was high and I wasn't disappointed. This course was even better than the previous and I'd recommend it to anyone who has an interest in wildlife photography whether you are a beginner or experienced in photography. With only 2 guests on this course we got great personal tuition and as a result I have got some fantastic shots of these super cute little mice. Thanks Bob for an amazing morning, for sharing your knowledge and expertise (about photography and harvest mice) and helping me to come away with some great shots. Thanks Rona"
"I wasn't 100% sure what to expect but having seen some other peoples photos from the same workshop I was looking forward to getting some very close up shots of the mice which I certainly did! The technical information given on the day was very useful and helping each of us make sure we had the right settings in the camera made the difference with getting a good shot to a brilliant shot. I will also take that information learnt from the workshop to apply it when taking other macro shots."
Some of Jo's Photos from a workshop day
"Many thanks for the wonderful and informative morning with the mice. I have picked up so much information that I will be experimenting for months.
Mike Evans - May 2013
"Went hoping to get the odd photo of the Harvest mice but what I got far exceeded anything that I had hoped for. Had a Brilliant morning absolutely wonderful experience, Bob was a wonderful host and nothing was too much trouble taking the time with all of us to help improve our photo's, couldn't ask for anymore."
Richard Carter - May 2013
"A great morning thanks photographing the harvest mice. What cute little things they are and as you said addictive. I got some great shots & really look forward to doing a summer one - mice in the oats & wheat etc., & then the autumn one - mice on the blackberries & holly berries. Thanks again."
Di Norwood - May 2013
Some of Di's Photos from a workshop day
"Bob, I came to you latest harvest mouse workshop, and would just like to say how much I enjoyed it, you really put me at ease, and I now understand how the f stop works, never thought I would get there. Thanks so much."
Kath Edwards - May 2013
"Having seen the photos of other participants on your site and judged some others at camera clubs I wanted to get similar pictures. I certainly managed that and will be back for more mice, especially with autumn background. I thought the mice were stars! I feel that you did everything possible to help us get good images and I thoroughly enjoyed the morning. The problem now is that I have too many good images and sorting will take ages."
Chris Baldwin - April 2013
"Bob I had a brilliant half day session photographing harvest mice. I was really very happy with some of the pics that I took. Thanks for loaning me the lens and the Speedlite - that was really helpful. I am usually scared of mice etc but found these harvest mice were just delightful. Really enjoyed the different plant settings as well. Got so much out of this session with your help and advice - thank you Bob you were just great !!! I am looking forward to doing the secret mammals weekend in Devon with you in May - I cant wait !!! "
Maggie O'Moore - April 2013
"Hi Bob. I wanted to capture some stunning pictures of harvest mice and I did ! Thank you for the loan of your lenses etc. It gave me the opportunity to try out macro and also learn more photography skills. Many thanks for your help and advice."
Lynda Porter - April 2013
"I attended your harvest mouse workshop yesterday and loved it. Thank you very much for the advice (and loan of the flash). Managed to take over 300 pictures in the time, so plenty of work to be done now. Thanks again for a very enjoyable morning."
Susan Goadby - Earl Shilton Camera Club - April 2013
I was hoping to try out macro lenses, as well as learn a little more about the mice. Both expectations were well and truly exceeded. A wonderful way to spend a morning, it was enjoyable and very informative."
Alistair Webb - February 2013
The course exceeded my expectations,I was hoping to come away with a few good shots of the mice, to be possibly used in competitions. I left with about 300 shots, and I know that I have some excellent images for competitive use. Tuition was promised, and that was certainly delivered, non-stop during the 3 hours I was there. I was very impressed."
Bernard Hager - February 2013
"This workshop was more than I expected, Bob is so good at his job, you cannot wish for a better tutor.
The mice are beautiful little creatures, not what I expected at all, but then I have never seen a Harvest Mouse. Tuition on the day was excellent, one to one, Bob is a good tutor, Bob even lent me one of his lens, do not worry if you have not the right lens Bob will sort one for you. My photos turned out better than I could have hoped for.
Thank you again Bob for the wonderful few hours, you would never get so close to these creatures in the wild, that is if you’re lucky enough to see them at all. I have booked three other of your workshops and I am sure I will book more."
"My expectations for the day which I am pleased to say were fully met were to find out more about harvest mice, take some images with which I was pleased and get some pointers in the camera setup/techniques involved. Most of all to take pleasure in watching the mice!"
Some of Judy's Photos from a workshop day
"A very enjoyable afternoon, with excellent tuition with a good balance between technical explanations and allowing you to get on with taking photos. Bob's enthusiasm made it a very enjoyable workshop. There was plenty of additional kit to try. The tea and cake were very nice too !"
Some of Gary's Photos from a workshop day
"I had a great day (on a Harvest Mouse Workshop). Bob was on hand to help, but did not intrude once he realised that we did not need any help with the cameras. He knows the subject well and how to handle them."
Neil Malton
Some of Neil's Photos from a workshop day
"I had a great day and took home lots of photographs of the harvest mice. I felt it was an opportunity that I could not miss. The help that you gave me was invaluable. I think I learnt more about my camera in that session than I have done in the 4 months that I have been using it. Many thanks for the advice that you gave me."
Sue Bunker
"I had near individual attention and as much photographic opportunity as I could have hoped for including some very helpful advice as regards the use of flash in aperture mode. Many thanks for a very enjoyable afternoon."
Martin Vaughn
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