Clients feedback - Owls and Birds of Prey in Evening Light
I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to my Specialist Birds of Prey Workshop.
This workshop is deliberately scheduled to offer an opportunity for very differnt photopgraphs of birds of prey and especially owls into the magical evening light or “golden hour” in the summer. The session is scheduled to start at 2 PM and run through into the evening. We will start with differnt oppoortunities e.g. to photograph birds feeding up on natural quarry and then as the light turns move to owls.
This workshop is offered no where else and has been specially arranged by Natures Photos to allow you to shoot in that beautiful evening light that is only available in the summer.
In common with my other bird of prey workshops this one is held at a private bird of prey centre in North Northamptonshire which provides the opportunity to photograph a truly unique range of birds. The centre itself is located in the centre of a splendid 3,000 acre private estate providing us with excellent opportunities to photograph birds in a wide range of natural settings. We will have access to the whole of the estate and working with the owner and head falconer I will have selected a number of natural settings for us to use to photograph the birds.
To ensure that everyone gets the best angles and opportunities when taking photos numbers on this trip will be strictly limited. The day starts at 2:00pm and runs through to 7:30pm with entrance fee, tea, coffee and all tuition included.


This is a very new workshop started in July 2017 so feedback from clients is a bit spartan.

Feed back received from attendees of the Owls and birds of prey in evening light workshop.
"For me, my photography is very hit and miss at the moment. As soon as I start getting into it I end up pausing and then have to work up again, so I want to do more workshops and get the practice in with support. The workshop did this but so, so much more, to have the ability to get so close to such wonderful birds in such a setting is brilliant. To have your support is always really great and appreciated.
Good to meet up and a great workshop - really good team, fellow photographers and Jo, the Falconer was brilliant! Everyone did whatever they could to make sure everyone got something from it. Beautiful birds in a great setting - a perfect day. " 
"This is the second workshop that I have attended with Bob and, as usual, he was totally professional, welcoming and with a breadth of knowledge that he is willing to share. I learnt much about my camera that has helped my wildlife photography no end; it is amazing how small bits of advice can transform your hit rate. I am delighted with the results. A genuinely nice man and a thoroughly enjoyable day out. Looking forward to the next one."
"Fabulous Day - my expectation for good lighting was certainly fully met!!! Absolutley loved the way you ensured we saw the approporiate birds in the best available places and lighting. Thank you so much for all your time and effort - as ever - I shall certainly want to come back again next year for evening light if you run this workshop again. "
"I wanted to expand my ability to take moving objects and flying birds seemed like an excellent way of doing it. I've been to falconry centers before and never come away with anything worth showing to anyone. On first glance through my images from yesterday I have a few good ones of flying birds and many really good static birds.
As with all your workshops the location was fantastic and the staff were knowledgeable and very friendly. The day met all my expectations, I really enjoyed it. Many thanks"
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