Reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates
Photo Workshop (Frimley Surrey)
Workshop Synopsis
Natures Photos is very proud of its relationship with an excellent photo workshop partner - Chameleon Photography.
Chameleon Photography is run by a very professional and talented photographer Roy de Ruijter and his business partner and animal expert Geoff Read. Between them they offer 1 to 1 and group macro photography workshops for those who want to photograph reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.
Roy and Geoff are very excited to share their passion and expertise with anyone who has an interest in photography and wildlife. They will guide you in how to set up your camera and help you photograph the animals in stunning high quality and intimate detail. With their in depth knowledge and experience not only of photography but also of the animals themselves they will be able to answer any questions. With their partner Global Geckos, a reptile shop run by a team of zoologists, they have one of the largest collections of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates in the UK. All their animals are captive bred, no animals are taken from the wild!
Roy specialises in animal macro photography, family and pet portraits and school photos.
Geoff has worked for more than 47 years in the field of conservation at London Zoo and Marwell Wildlife. During this time he specialised in invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians and combined his love for nature with his passion for photography.
There are a number of providers of these workshops in the UK but, in my experience at Natures Photos, there are none that are as professional, accommodating or as knowledgeable as Chameleon Photography. Neither are there any with as wide a selection of animals at their disposal. I am privileged to partner directly with them.
The workshops take place at their fully Elinchrom equipped studio in Frimley, Surrey.
N.B. as these workshsop are not operated directly by Natures Photos any Gift Vouchers purchased from Natures Photos cannot be used in part or full payment.

Please check the links beow to the Chamelon Photography website for uptodate pricing and availability.

All photos copyright Roy de Ruijter