Secret British Mammals(Devon)
Private Residential Photo Workshop
Camera Clubs and Other Groups
23rd/24th April 2018
Booked by club
17th/18th May 2018
Booked by club
14th/15th June 2018
Booked by club
18th/19th June 2018 Booked by club
Other dates available on request please e-mail to enquire.
Workshop Synopsis
This is one of my most popular photo workshops and by special arrangement with the private centre I use in Devon I am able to offer it to groups such as Camera Clubs, wildlife trusts and similar at a discounted price. As this would be a special booking there is a need to commit to a date and numbers (I don’t take more than 6 per session) but, as a group, there is a £25 per person discount and, if required, I can tailor the workshop to suit the individual group e.g. beginners in photography or people wanting to attempt to photograph specific mammals in particular settings. With 45 plus years of experience in wildlife photography and a working life spent as a teacher and educationalist I can also arrange extra sessions for example covering photographic techniques or approaches or critique session in the evening (it’s a 2 day residential workshop). If the group is also interested in some aspect of mammal ecology or conservation I can also arrange this with the owner of the centre who is a renowned naturalist and expert on water voles, beavers and reintroduction projects.
Having spent a life time studying and photographing British mammals I know first-hand exactly how difficult this can be as most of our native species are extremely secretive and some even nocturnal.In thisDevoncentre I use a private wildlife collection as the setting for this 2 day workshop/safari. With over 16 years’ experience working with wildlife film makers and photographers the owner has created a series of purpose built photographic and film sets where we can photograph an excellent collection of captive British mammals. The aim of this two day workshop / safari is to provide an unparalleled opportunity to photograph a broad range of British mammals with relative ease and in highly realistic and landscaped surroundings. We will have unrestricted access to photograph most species including the rare European beavers.
As well as large mammals such as foxes, wild boar, muntjac deer, wildcat, pine martin, polecat, weasel, stoats we will photograph small mammals in specially designed sets. These will include species such as the rare water vole and equally rare water shrew as well as many species of mouse and rats.

Cost for 2 days £205 (this includes £25 discount for club bookings and excludes accomodation and meals).
Accomodation can be arranged in a local farm B&B and meals are often taken in the evening in a local pub.
To book as a club or group requires a commitment to 5 or 6 places and a deposit of £400. The balance is payable 2 months before the workshop date.