Specialist Birds of Prey Photo Workshop
16th February 2019
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6th April 2019
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11th May 2019
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8th June 2019
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6th July 2019
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31st August 2019
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12th October 2019
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Other dates or group bookings available on request please e-mail bob@naturesphotos.co.uk to enquire.
Workshop Synopsis
This unique workshop is held at a bird of prey centre in North Northamptonshire where the birds are trained and actively used for hunting so are in excellent condition, very keen and very fit. Unlike many other centres and because these are working birds many are kept with the minimum of equipment making semi natural shots all the easier and much more realistic.
The centre has a wide range of different raptors including many species of owls, falcons from the small Merlin right up to the magnificent Gyr Falcon, a wide selection of eagles and hawks. It is part of a splendid 3,000 acre private estate providing us with excellent opportunities to photograph birds in a wide range of natural settings. We will have access to the whole of the estate and working with the owner and head falconer I have selected a number of natural settings for us to use to photograph the birds. During the day we will have ample opportunities to photograph a range of birds, from owls to magnificent eagles and challengingly fast falcons.
In addition to static shots we will have the opportunity to practise more taxing flight shots. We will start by encouraging some species to fly the same path repeatedly thus enabling you to practice and fine tune your tracking abilities before attempting to photograph the large falcons the true high speed masters.
To ensure that everyone gets the best angles and opportunities when taking photos numbers on this trip will be strictly limited. The day starts at 10:00am and runs through to 5.00pm with entrance fee, tea, coffee and all tuition included.
Cost £120