Clients feedback on the
Taking Control of Your Camera
(Icarus Falconry Northampton)
I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to this Workshop.
With its healthy mixture of classroom and practical sessions my aim with this workshop is to provide a relaxing and comfortable setting where you can learn more about your camera and practise your new knowledge by taking some stunning photos.
Based as it is at Icarus Falconry, the private falconry centre where I also run my very popular specialist raptor photo days, we have the excellent opportunity to practise what we have leant on the excellent birds at the centre.
If you have you just bought a new digital SLR camera and are not sure how to use it or you rely on the automatic modes built into the camera but want to achieve better results from your photographic efforts this is just the workshop for you.
Please read the feedback from previous guests below and decide for yourself and if you have any more questions please do get in touch with me by phone or e-mail.
Feed back received from attendees of the taking control of your camera workshop at Icarus falconry.
"I was looking forward to gaining confidence to move away from auto and this workshop enabled me to gain sufficient knowledge to do this and to start to play with settings to achieve different styles. Advice and guidance were provided with clarity and humour. Bob has the knack of taking a random group of strangers and quickly getting them to be ease with each other. This workshop was an excellent blend of classroom "instruction / knowledge sharing" and practical application. Venue was stunning. The staff/volunteers at the Centre were friendly and knowledgeable and really made the afternoon session work. "
"All expectations fully met. My aim for the day was to see if using a camera and wildlife photography would be something I wanted to do and I came home feeling animated and yes it is even if my photos are not great!
As this is my very first workshop I don't have anything to compare it with but I was given all the time and help I needed and would certainly go on another. "
Marilyn Dean - April 2015
"I really enjoyed the course which presented information in a very clear way particularly the visual analogies. I also appreciated the opportunity to put this into practice with some individual guidance. M
y expectations of the course were met and it was good to spend time with like-minded people and a positive and encouraging instructor. I now feel motivated to override my camera's automatic settings and am contemplating which course to do next !
It was special to be in the grounds of Holdenby House which is a lovely environment and to have close proximity to a variety of wonderful birds. This is a workshop I would definitely recommend to anyone else. "
Lynne Seldon - April 2015
"I joined the workshop to learn how to find my way around the camera and controls and certainly achieved that.
The balance of classroom and practical sessions was just right. It was a friendly and relaxed class making it easy to ask questions and not feel intimidated. I thought the staff made a real effort to make sure we got time with the birds. "
"The course was exactly what I had hoped for and I came away with a far better understanding of the machine which is my camera. I doubt I will ever use the 'automatic' setting again as standard or, perhaps, just to compare my own creations with Canon's!"
"The training day was better than I expected, subjects explained in a way that was easy to understand and at a pace that allowed me to ask questions.
The staff from Icarus were very friendly and made a good cup of coffee, I will be booking another course soon and hope it will be a good as this one (it will) "
"Just thought I would like to say how much I enjoyed the workshop with the birds at Icarus Falconry on Tuesday. It was great that I could achieve some bokeh and by using the lens and taking the photos from different places and changing the zoom how I was able to achieve this although the lens on my Olympus pen would only go down to 5.6. It was great to get a better understanding of ISO and how to use the histogram.
Really pleased with the pictures that I took and when I put some on Facebook never had so many likes for my photos. I have to say when you override the settings the photos show much more expression than just pressing the button. Thanks very much for a great day  "
"My expectations were more than met, for the first time I actually know what I am doing. The booklet and the morning talk finally gave me an understanding, not only of what I can do, but what the camera is capable of. Brilliant course, well designed and delivered."
"The workshop was above my expectations and I was very pleased with my photos. I have been to a similar day last year (another company) and this was a vast improvement on that course. The venue was perfect for the purpose although the classroom could have been a little warmer. I enjoyed my day Bob and the information and kindness given by the other staff was excellent. I was very pleased with your approach to Aperture and shutter speed and charts will help me go forward. "
"I came as very much a novice and left with a much clearer idea of what I could achieve. The course was pitched at just the right level. I had hoped to understand more of the basics of exposure and learned a great deal. I went home with some lovely photos."
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