Wolves Unique Photo Workshop
20th March 2018
Fully booked
17th April 2018
Fully booked
Further dates to be arranged.
Workshop Synopsis
Wolves are the legendary wild creature admired and feared in equal measure. Due largely to our irrational fear of these majestic creatures they have been relentlessly persecuted and are currently seriously at risk in the few locations where they remain. To photograph these powerful animals in the wild you would need to travel a long way and brave some difficult conditions which is why this workshop is so very special.
I am holding the workshop at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust near Reading the only place in the UK where you can see Arctic, European and North American wolves at one location. The centre is normally only open to members but because I am supporting their education programme I can offer these very special workshops at a very reasonable rates.
The keepers will lay special food trails to tempt the wolves into the best positions for us and using special areas and holes cut into the fence you will have the opportunity to get up close and photograph some truly awe-inspiring animals in fantastic settings such as the birch copse (photo). The wolves are housed in 4 large landscaped enclosures providing excellent opportunities for natural images. This will provide unique opportunities to take great photographs in a range of different habitats including the wolves wading in, and drinking from, a stream and a small pond.
Wolves look their most charismatic when still in their thick winter coats so I will only run these workshops in the autumn, winter and early spring. This is a very popular workshop and one fills up early.
Cost - £150
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