Clients feedback on the Wolves Workshop at UKWCT Reading
I am always interested to receive feedback from people who attend one of my talks, workshops or holidays. The following represents a selection of the comments I have received which specifically relate to my Wolves Workshop.
I run this this unique workshop in conjunction with the UK Wolf Conservation Trust at their centre near Reading the only place in the UK where you can see Arctic, European and North American wolves at one location. The centre is normally only open to members but because I am supporting their education programme I can offer these very special workshops at a very reasonable rates.
The keepers lay special food trails to tempt the wolves into the best positions for us and using special areas and holes cut into the fence we have the opportunity to get up close and photograph some truly awe-inspiring animals in fantastic settings. The wolves are housed in 4 large landscaped enclosures providing excellent opportunities for natural images. By special arrangement we take some of the wolves for a “walk” over open farmland and though woodland. This provides unique opportunities to take great photographs in a range of different habitats including the wolves wading in, and drinking from, a stream and a small pond.

This is a very special and always popular workshop.
Feed back received from attendees of the Wolf Photo Workshop.
"Fantastic workshop, Interesting briefing on the wolves and their history before hand, and what body language to look out for, plenty of on hand help with photography during the day."
"This is the first wildlife workshop I have attended and I must say I probably chose one of the best first. I consider myself in full control of my camera and didn't ask Bob too many questions on settings etc. However, listening to him speak to others I would say that you would be in very safe and very experienced hands if you did need advise or help. I can not praise this workshop and Bob highly enough, all the things that expected from the day where fully met and I would recommend this to any photographer whatever your level of experience. There was no need to improve anything for me, fantastic day and very happy to have spent time with you. Thank you."
"I really wanted to gain some understanding of wolves and get a few really good pictures which I certainly managed. I was not expecting to be as close as we were to the wolves, and I have many more photos than anticipated. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and for once don't 'care' if I have good pictures or not because I enjoyed the wolves so much."
"This was an experience not to be missed and I had a superb day which more than met my expectations. Bob, you were really helpful setting up my camera and pointing out where to stand, sit, walk to try to get the best shots. I also welcomed the advice on composition etc. My hope, rather than expectation, was that I would get close enough to wolves to get some photographs for my memory bank and to learn something - these expectations were more than met.
Your friendly, humorous style made us all feel welcome and united us as a group. Sharing knowledge, spaces to get the "right shot" and helpful tips on composition etc. was extremely helpful to me. The staff and volunteers at the centre were welcoming and helpful and obviously have an enormous respect for the wolves in their care. "
"You need to photograph during the Autumn and Winter months to get wolves looking at there best. The workshop took place on a cloudy day with some brisk winds and rain at times but that didn't stop it being an amazing and exhilarating day. Bob and the staff at the Wolf Conservation Trust went out of their way to make sure that they gave us the best shooting opportunities they could and a warm welcome. All the photographers who came along were friendly and accommodating too. Of course the stars of the show were the wolves and it was brilliant to be able to see and hear Arctic and Canadian wolves all at the same location. We were able to shoot from locations that visitors are not usually able to gain access too and through small holes in the fence avoiding the grey blur. The day was one big highlight but the best bit has to be walking through the field to the pond with two of the wolves. Thoroughly recommended."
"The viewing was as I expected. The only difficulty was getting low shots through the wire.
I enjoyed the day devoted to using the camera (no guilt that I should be doing something useful!). It was good to see others and I found your talks interesting and informative, improving my confidence rather than criticising. "
Sue Warwick - January 2014
"Taking photographs through wire fencing is extremely challenging and it may have been better to have more holes in the fencing for this. Having said that I was presently surprised but the results I obtained and this was by no doubt down to the advice given.
Your comments on exposing to the right were very useful as I really hadn't thought of it as a way of reducing noise at higher ISOs.
An extremely worthwhile course."
Robin Warwick - January 2014
"This was my first time at one of these type of photography days and I thought it was excellent. My usual photo subjects don't move at all so it was a great learning curve for me.
Bob advised on different ways of shooting and some good tips on the more advanced settings of my camera, a friendly and approachable chap and knew his stuff.
It was the first time in years I have spent this amount of time constantly taking photographs without being bored so 10/10 for that for me. I came away with 500 shots and about 20 good ones which is fab. Thanks"
Nia Kime - January 2014
"I would surely recommend this outstanding Wolf Workshop – what a truly fascinating day. The centre is well run, all the staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and made you feel very welcome. The highlight of the day - walking, and meet/greet the wolves, not forgetting of course the expert advice/tuition always on hand from Bob, which I am sure resulted in better photos. One word to sum up the day WOW! "
Janet Stone - March 2013
"Brilliant Day, wonderful location excellent subject. I was so busy watching them , I wasn't concentrating fully on taking photos. Non the less pleased that some shots turned out ok and for the advice using new lenese. May book this location again as I feel I might just be a bit of a wolf addict. Thank you and the staff at the centre for being most friendly and accommodating, made the day special."
Some of Michele's photos from her workshop day
Michele's perspective on the day
"The day exceeded my expectations - I didn't think we would get so close to the wolves and I thought we would have much less time. In reality the pace was just right (not standing around and not rushed either). It was also nice to be able to ask for help at any time."
"This was my first workshop with Bob, I was not really sure what to expect. I would however not wish any changes nothing was too much trouble for the staff or Bob, who was always on hand to help, I think the max of 8 people was just right as it was very informal, loads of great photo opportunities, plus having a pro on hand all the time to ask any photo questions, also a special thank you to Bobs wife Mary, for her help with my late booking"
"The day was much more than I expected, walking with the Wolves was my highlight, as I like to get close to the animals I photograph, everybody was so friendly, the workshop could not have been better. I was delighted with the day, Bob was very informative, the staff where a great help, nothing was any trouble for them, they gave all the help and information I needed, when a question was asked they were more than helpful, very grateful to you all."
"I really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph wolves and to be so close to them. The staff at the centre were very welcoming and knowledgeable. The advice you gave me was useful. I did very much enjoy the day. Thank you"
"Enjoyable day in which the staff at the centre were both extremely knowledgeable and really friendly. Great to see the wolves in enclosures that were quite natural and expansive. On the walk, Bob was great at asking the handlers to try to position the wolves in ways to try to hide the fact that they were on leads. Bob also gave some great general tips on camera settings before venturing off to meet the wolves. The weather wasn't really on our side, but we had lots of time to try to get some good shots of wolf behaviour. "
Amanda Precious - October 2012
"Very many thanks for yesterday - I really did enjoy the day and I do think my standard of images is improving - with your help of course - as when I used to download them I would think "why on earth did I do that" but now more of them appear to be composed as I had visualised and intended.... Can I also please add that I thought the day was very well organised and the helpers certainly gave me the feeling that they were there to help and wanted us to achieve what we hoped for, but at the same time keeping the Wolves as far as possible in their natural surroundings and respecting them as very powerful animals. I was also very pleased to have learnt much more about them and the way they live and felt that all the helpers, Danny and Clive in particular, were very happy to answer all my questions and pass on their knowledge of Wolves."
Some of Diana's Photos from a workshop day
"I was very keen on attending this workshop, for as you say, there is an irrational fear or dislike of wolves, yet these animals are the direct ancestor of the domestic dog and for me are of great interest and attraction. My expectations were largely met, particularly in being able get close to the wolves on the walk, and only falling a little short where in one or two cases, photographing through the wire was very awkward. Those fences where larger holes had been cut, were much easier to use. However, I do appreciate that it wasn't possible to enter the enclosures on this occasion, and I found the high viewing platform a very useful facility. We were a little unlucky the weather was so dull and misty, yet many of my shots still look to be very pleasing. Generally the day was as on all your previous workshops, very enjoyable with good company and a most satisfying experience. "
Peter Dunn - October 2012
"Bob thanks to you and the staff of the Wolf Trust for a fantastic day last week. I was really keen to attend this workshop as I wanted to get some special photos of these iconic animals. The added advantage was having you on hand to keep with the technique. I learnt so much about my photography that day. Without your assistance I doubt I would have obtained so many “keepers” thank you so much. You will definitely see me again."
Paul - October 2012
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